Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Positives Sun Dec 21-Tue Dec 23, 2008

*Recycled old computer hardware. Lots of free space.

*Visited California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco with my Dad, Uncle, and Aunt. We were lucky most of the day including finding a good parking space, getting tickets before the museum stopped selling, and getting tickets to the last 3D bugs show. The unlucky events were the planetarium tickets were sold out and the Bay Bridge experienced five accidents.

*Purchased the movie Cars on DVD. I didn't care for the movie at first. The second time I watched the movie, I want to get the movie.

*Tried Juroku Cha drink and Bourbon Chocolate Chip Cookies for the first time while helping Appu find a studio to rent for Spring Semester 2009 at San Jose State. The drink and food are Japanese. The drink was mostly brown rice and the cookies was light, as expected from Asian desserts.

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Positives Sun Dec 7-Sat Dec 20, 2008

Author's Note: One activity, errand, and event leads to another. I wrote down the positives on paper. I didn't have time to share the last 13 days. Here are the positives latest to earliest.

Sat Dec 20

*Christmas In The Park. Cosplay event in Downtown San Jose. Many of us wore Xmas versions of our cosplays. Got pictures taken from strangers who recognize our cosplays, a glomper glomped two of us including me, onlookers joking where's the party, we rode various carnival rides, everyone met some of us new for the first time, ate treats, and had a blast! Received a phone charm gift from Yukari, my first phone charm ^__^ Received a gift from Barnes who stayed briefly. Gave my phone number and email address to the glomper we saw each other the second time at the merry-go round =)

*Purchased v-neck t-shirts to protect my dress shirts.

*Sewed a white fabric on a scarf for my Xmas cosplay, assisted by my Mom who cut correctly the fabric.

Fri Dec 19

*Finished errands with Appu joining me including purchasing fabric and shopping. We checked out IflySF, an indoor skydiving center.

*Hung out with our friends at night time. Some of us played Settlers Cities and Knights expansion set for the first time courtesy of Last Exlir.

*Ate at Texas Roadhouse restaurant with Appu. I might have eaten there a long time ago because I remember there was a time I ate peanuts and I threw out the shells on the floor.

*Tried Super H2O drink for the first time. More later. And tried a Beard Papa's ├ęclair.

Thur Dec 18

*Ate Spaghettios for the first time.

Wed Dec 17

*Helped Appu find studio to rent. Good experience looking for a place to live—moving out and being independent.

*Ate lunch with gmontem and Appu. Gmontem visits relatives outside the USA for the rest of 2008. We exchanged gifts.

Tues Dec 16

*Ironed a few dress shirts.

*Purchased Porcelain CD. Highly recommend CD for any music type fan XD XD

Mon Dec 15

*Cancelled Napster.

*Purchased red cashmere scarf on sale.

*Tried Hawaiian cookies for the first time. So good and so fattening.

Sun Dec 14

*Purchased my first stainless steel watch on sale, a Citizen Eco-Drive.

*Watched Transporter 2 movie with my family. We're Transporter movie fans.

Sat Dec 13

*Anime Events. Watched anime at NoName and celebrated the end of year party. Next, I attended Anime Palace's Xmas party. I cosplayed as Edward "Santa-san" Elric the entire day. Hung out with Chun, Spiritsnare, and Tsubasa afterwards.

*Tried 98% cocoa. Where's the milk?

Fri Dec 12

*Cleaned the house.

Thur Dec 11

*Worked out with neck pain. I ran on the treadmill and biked on the stationary bike only. I experienced neck pain since Tue.

Wed Dec 10

*Finished reading "The Choice" by Nicholas Sparks. Be patient finding your lifetime lover. He or she is out there. And hopefully you never make The Choice. My next book is "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy.

Tue Dec 9

*Changed oil. It was the fastest I ever changed oil since the time was 4:30pm and loosing sunlight.

Mon Dec 8

*Updated resume and cover letter.

Sun Dec 7

*Posted my 300th Innovating Common Knowledge blog.

*Ate Honey Bunches of Oates for the first time.

*Purchased crock-pop cookbook.

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

What Saved You From Quitting Anime?

The last statement from "Random Questions #1" you avoided quitting anime. Explain.

Fanime Con 2004. I believe it was the second day of the four day convention I met one of my college friend's younger brother. He graduated from U.C. Riverside and already had a full time job in the San Francisco area. We talked about his successes at U.C. Riverside and his future plans. Quitting anime was included. I was shocked! Quitting anime?!?!? I remember we had conversations about anime when he was in junior high school. He said he was phasing out of anime. How was he phasing I don't know. I didn't question how he phased out of anime.

We continued to talk for three hours. I thought about the conversation when I went home for the night. Quitting anime? Quitting anime? Quitting anime? I asked myself what else is there as an anime fan? I watched anime, took pictures of cosplayers, and shopped in the dealers room. Damn, was that all for me as an anime fan? Anime was getting boring all of a sudden. I started getting into anime in Summer 1996 watching Sailor Moon on Channel 44. I was exposed to anime in 1982 watching Starblazers and 1984 watching Robotech. If I quit, what was I supposed to do with my extra free time?

I also remember the same college friend's sister selling t-shirts in the dealer's room noticing me I'm always alone at anime cons. She was correct. From 1997-2004, I have been attending anime conventions alone. The few friends I had most were anime fans. We never hang out together at the cons. I was alone.

The Answer Is . . .

The third day of the four day convention there was a Full Metal Alchemist midnight marathon. I lined up at 11:30pm to watch why the series was popular. I planned to watch four episodes and then go home. The marathon started on time and the room was filled beyond capacity with people standing along the back. The fourth episode finished and I stayed in my seat. Fifth . . . sixth . . . seventh . . . eighth. After the ninth episode, I said to myself, "I'm going to cosplay as Edward Elric (the main character)." I stayed awake throughout the entire marathon watching 17 episodes. I had a bottle water half full and two granola bars. My parents called me around 4am checking up on me. I stayed awake for a total of 26 hours between the third day and the fourth day. After the 26th hour, I slept at the main con area. It was an epic moment for me.

I researched how to cosplay as Edward Elric all summer. I purchased art books and purchased anything with Edward Elric for reference at Anime Expo 2004. I visited for additional information. I found a leather master to make the belt. I got information from a co-worker how to get the clasp. I shopped online for the boots. I shopped at costumes stores for the wig. And, most importantly, my Mom sewed the red jacket and black vest.

My cosplay debuted at Japan Town Anime Faire II. I got my first pictures taken, got my first action pictures taken, met new people for the first time, and got complements. I went alone, and it was the second to last time I attended a con alone. The last con I attended alone was Anime Overdose 2005. Fanime Con 2005 was the first con I met new people and made new friends.

Cosplaying Edward Elric saved me from quitting anime. In addition to meeting new people and meeting new friends at the conventions, I hosted a panel, played poker, sold at the swap meet, played video games, and played table top games. I found something new to do. I have three more cosplays: Syaoran from Tsubasa Chronicles, Toshiro Hitsugaya from Bleach, and Chrono Harlaown from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. The Chrono cosplay my Mom taught me how to sew. Sewing is about patience.

I learned the reason everyone has hobbies is to meet new people. There are plenty of people with the same hobbies as you. Use the Internet to find people in your home town with similar hobbies. Use the Internet to communicate with those people.

What Is Your Anime Hobby Future?

The answer is known and unknown. The known is I'm attending fewer anime conventions and anime related events. Money and new priorities are the reasons. The most anime cons I attended was 2006. For 2009, I attend Fanime Con, San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival, and the Winchester Mystery House Halloween gathering. Any other events I make the choice to attend near the date. I continue to watch the latest anime released from Japan; read Full Metal Alchemist, Tsubasa Chronicles, Bleach, and Nana comic books (manga); purchase art books, figurines, wall scrolls, pencil boards (which I'm very selective); and anime DVDs. I don't have a fifth cosplay. Time will tell if I have number 5. And I continue to meet new people and make new friends who are anime fans.

The unknown is I'm spending less time for my anime hobby. Money and new priorities, again, are the reasons. For example, I have a new interest in jazz music and reading fiction books. Having four cosplays is plenty for a casual anime fan like me. Wearing the same cosplays every anime con can get boring. I have experience the cosplay boredom and the anime boredom, but it's rare. No sewing skills and little time to learn hinders me making new cosplays. I experienced finding nothing new to do during some times at the cons. There is a time when I stop attending anime cons. I don't know when. I guarantee one day I stop attending anime conventions.

For now, I live the present and I cherish all the moments being an anime fan. My number one hobby is anime and that's how I live my life now, right at the moment.

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Random Questions #1

Here are some random questions off the top of my head I ask myself. The first out of many more to come. Enjoy XD

What gas do I fill my car? Chevron. Union 76 is OK. Cheapy gas is cheapy gas.

What cars do I like to drive? Toyota Camry, Toyota Tundra . . . anything Toyota.

What are my dream cars? I like Audis and the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptors.

Democrat or Republican? I'm a registered Republican. I voted Republican in the 1994 California Governor, the 1994 US Congressman, and the 1994 San Jose Mayor races only.

Actress I want to date? Drew Berrymore.

Opinion: Couples, please avoid "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion for your song. The song is sad.

Big Mac or Whopper? Whopper.

Treadmill or Stationary Bike? Both.

Name something I'm currently improving? Eye contact with people I talk to.

Fact: I never drank an alcoholic beverage in my entire life.

Worst year in high school: Tie between sophomore and senior. I was depressed in my sophomore year and I was a loner in my senior year.

How tall do I want my sweetheart to be? Between 5' 5" and 5' 9". I'm 5' 8".

One mistake I didn't want: *thinks for ten minutes* I can't think of a mistake I never wanted to happen.

One mistake I avoided: Quit anime.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

If Someone Was To Describe Who You Are, What Does The Person Say?

Hmmm . . . The person says Raymond Mar is a nice guy, a good guy. He's is not a boring guy. The guy has a sense of adventure and wants to try anything new such as visiting new places and trying new foods. For instance, Raymond visited Capitola, visited a popular bakery in Santa Cruz, drank apple cedar for the first time, sang in Rock Band, and is reading fiction since "Catcher In The Rye" a long, long time ago. Raymond realized he must grow up and he has lots to catch up. He never stops meeting new people. The new people he meets he wants them to be themselves so he can learn something from them. He stays away from drama and fakers. If you can't get along with Raymond, it's highly likely something is wrong with you.

Raymond improves himself, innovate himself. Sat Oct 4, 2008 is a day Raymond remembers forever. It was the day he realized he must grow up and he realized he took life for granted. All of his conflicts with family, with work, and with daily life even hanging out with friends disappeared. It's like his spine is free of stress, free of ropes tied in knots. Raymond feels freedom. Raymond feels he has control of his life. Raymond forgives anyone who prevented him from being a better person. Raymond corrects the mistakes from those people.

Some people think Raymond is a weak guy. I don't think so. Raymond was a weak guy when he was a child and when he acted and behaved like a stuck up asshole. Today, he's gaining strength and turning himself around. He seeks help when he needs help and learns from others as best he can. There is a sense of stability, sense of security, sense of optimism, sense of "everything is going to be OK" when people hang around with him. He's not the funniest guy in the world. Recently, he's improving his sense of humor and loosening up.

In his spare time, Raymond watches anime. As a casual anime fan, Raymond watches some of the latest anime, reads selected Japanese comic books (manga), and his favorite activity at anime conventions is cosplaying. He has a small collection of art books, small collection of anime toys such as wall scrolls and figurines, decent collection of DVDs, very small collection of Japanese music (J-Rock and J-Pop), and one PVC figurine. Musicwise, Raymond listens to classic rock, classical music, and classic jazz. Raymond is reading fiction books. He used to read business, leadership, self-help, and technology books. On the web, he has two blogs and one webpage Raymond stays active working out at the gym three days a week. And Raymond cooks often for his family.

Raymond is a friendly guy and easy to talk to. He has a positive attitude, honest with his feelings, a problem solver, responsible, patient, and always want to learn. Raymond is polite and appreciates others. Raymond is no longer a "sorry no more" guy, a guy who apologizes too much, and a guy who is too nice. Raymond lives mostly with his gut feeling, his intuition. Raymond must realize he has much more potential and he must stop holding back and just let go. He admits he doesn't know himself fully, and some people make observations he never realized he's that kind of a person good and bad. Better days are coming soon. Stay tuned. The modest guy is going to have his moments in time.

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Friday, December 12, 2008

What Do You Do After You Wake Up From Bed?

First, I "do my personal business" under the sheets. (This is a personal blog and anything goes ;) ) Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. If I'm late, then I don't ~~ Who needs coffee, LOL! Next, I go outside and get the newspaper. At first, I protested to my parents we didn't need to receive the daily newspaper because we have the Internet and the newspapers pile up fast. I'm glad my parents signed up for the special rate. My family and I are doing a good job recycling the newspapers minimizing the pile. And we read the retail ads looking for great deals, especially today during the recession XD

I pick up the morning newspaper and place it on a table where I eat my breakfast. I eat wheat toast, Cheerios or Honey Bunches of Oats cereal, or oatmeal. For fruit, I eat two of the following: apple, orange, grapes, kiwi, bananas, honey dew, pineapple, or whatever fruit is in the house ^__^ I pour myself a glass of milk. And I eat peanuts and/or cashew nuts. I must listen to jazz eating breakfast and reading the newspaper. Jazz is a must.

After breakfast, I shave, brush my teeth, and apply Tazorac to control the pores on my face. Then my day starts :D

Side Note: I shave using an electric shaver. I want to learn how to shave using a razor. I tried a razor in 2000 and quit after three or four tries. I want to try again =)

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Sunday, December 7, 2008


Blogger's Note: The 300 blog is for my Innovating Common Knowledge blog. I choose to post 300 at both blogs. Thank you.

Number 300(!*300) Here are some number 300s: The Spartans who fought at the Battle of Thermopylae, a perfect score in bowling, car Chrysler 300, a baseball pitcher with 300+ career wins, and a baseball hitter with a career or season .300+ batting average.

The 300th blog is my top 30 blogs. I like to start with the notes:

*10% of the top 30 blogs are in Oct 2008.

*The longest date range no blog in the top 30 is Sep 26, 2007 to July 9, 2008, a span of 287 days or approximately 9.6 months.

*The shortest date range two blogs appear is Apr 28, 2007 to Apr 30, 2007, a span of two days.

*13 blogs are separated less than 10 days apart (3 blogs are within eight days).

*Common themes some blogs shared: how to live life including take it easy, finding your purpose, and keep on
fighting; learn from your failures; be patient; always meet new people; and actions portray who you are.

*11 blogs are in 2006 and 10 blogs are in 2007.

*There are 4 blogs in 2005. Innovating Common Knowledge started in August 2005 consisting of five months. In 2008 with eleven months passed, there are 5 blogs. In other words, 2008 had one more blog than 2005 even though 2008 has six more months.

The timing is perfect for my 300th blog. I declared myself lost on Tue Sep 2, 2008. I list my top 30 blogs to remember who I am. Seeing no blogs in the top 30 Sep 26, 2007 to July 9, 2008 reinforces I forgot who I am. Further, I was not myself between Mon Mar 19, 2007 and Fri Oct 3, 2008. I was a different person :( Terrible :< I forgot the real Raymond Mar—the guy who innovates his life, a patient person, a person everyone enjoys my company, a charming gentleman, modest, and a "there he is" person. Almost all the people who look at me and almost all my friends think of me as a nice guy, but I have a bad and naughty side ^.^ ^.^

What happened between Mon Mar 19, 2007 and Fri Oct 3, 2008, the days I forgot who I am? I ponder what happened:

*Working at Cisco. There were struggles, frustrations, and adjustments to a new commute and a new work environment. I had a dreadful work attitude between July 2007 and Dec 2007. I found the perfect commute in Dec 2007 that ended my dreadfulness.

*No vacation. Attending Anime Expo '07 doesn’t count as a vacation. I'm talking about visiting places without wearing a costume ^__-

*Inconsistent workouts. I went weeks without working out at the gym. In Mar 2008, I was sick for a month that turned out to be allergies. I could have taken allergy medication and recovered days later.

*Playing Team Fortress 2 (TF2). Is it true playing video games lower a person IQ? Maybe for me =p I started playing TF2 in October 2007, my first game I play online. I played Monday nights, Saturday nights, and sometimes on Friday nights. I stopped playing in September 2008.

*Learning how to sew for the first time. My Chrono cosplay was a difficult choice to learn sewing, and sewing is a patient hobby that took time—more time than I anticipated. I was behind in other responsibilities.

*My readings were terrible. Most of the books I read were boring I dozed off (-,-) zzzZZZZ . . .

*I can say the best short answer from the above bullets is being a stuck up asshole. Moreover, the days must have sucked for me from Sep 26, 2007 to July 9, 2008, the days no blog appears in the top 30 X__X

I thank everyone with highest and sincerest appreciation for those who remained my friends during the time I was somebody else ^___^ I apologize to the people who met me for the first time between Mar 19, 2007 and Oct 3, 2008. I was not myself. I'm not a creep, idiot, and a jerk. I'm remembering myself. I'm growing up. I'm opening myself up. No more holding back. I'm gaining courage. I'm better now and I'm aiming for the best. I'm sorry no more—the apologies are over. The fight continues indefinitely to grow up and to mature. For those who believe I'm still a creep, idiot, and a jerk, I'm not asking for a second chance; instead, I earn your second chance to give you a better reason to accept me honestly and sincerely.

I want to make an impact. I don't know what I'm going to do. I continue to think what to do. I continue to find and to innovate my personality, my presentation, my likes, my dislikes, my heart, and my soul. Finding what I want to do is a struggle. I press forward, continue my journey, and find my future career, my future education, and my future way of living my life. I innovate my beliefs and my values. Love, connect, grow old, die.

The 300th blog is my first blog I post at Innovating Common Knowledge and Finding Raymond Mar. The 300th blog reminds me to act, behave, think, and portray myself as a grown up man. I purchased new clothes, started listening to jazz, visited new places, and took a vacation with my friend who lives in Washington. I'm the Raymond Mar people must know. I'm not the Raymond Mar from Mon Mar 19, 2007 to Fri Oct 3, 2008 who took life for granted. It's time to go back to the past and remember. It's time to relearn the lessons I learned. It's time recall the meaning of Innovating Infinitely. It's time to grow up.

Here are the top 30 blogs sorted by date latest to earliest. The blogs include the title, date, wisdom gained, and an excerpt. Click on the title for the entire blog.

Point A to Point B. Where's Point C, D, E, F, G, . . . (October, 26, 2008)

Wisdom Gained: Never take anything and anyone for granted.

Excerpt: Never [take] anyone or anything for granted. Most of my successes and most of the people in my life I have taken for granted. I sincerely apologize ^^

I do a great job going from point A to point B when it comes to meeting new people, keeping my relations with family and friends, learning new hobbies and new interests, and accomplishing my assignments, responsibilities, and personal projects. I fail to continue to strengthen myself, to innovate my skills and knowledge, improve my relations, and to embrace change in my life (i.e., go with the flow).

Continue finding and accomplishing point C, point D, point E, point F, point G, and so on. Never stop innovating life! Never take life for granted!

Straight From My Gut (October 18, 2008)

Wisdom Gained: Trust my gut feeling.

Excerpt: My gut, my intuition, my instinct takes over me when I’m in fear or when I don’t know what I’m doing. Almost all of my instances and situations I’m scared or I’m clueless my gut feeling takes control of my thinking, my actions, my movements, and my speech. Sometimes I’m correct and sometimes I’m incorrect.

I consciously realized yesterday my gut feeling has saved my ass many times, and I never realized most of the time. I just live life without thinking my actions and my gut feeling has taken control of my life for better or for worse.

I believe my way of going through my life is my gut feeling. There is a well known saying “Trust your gut feeling.” Today, I’m giving maximum trust to my gut feeling.

New Daily Top Five (October 2, 2008)

Wisdom Gained: I updated my daily top five rules for living.

Excerpt: I updated my daily top five rules for living. Here are the updated top five rules:

1. Don't criticize, condemn, and complain, and don't compare with others.
2. Don't act like a jerk or bitch.
3. Always speak calmly and be calm.
4. Don't daydream when driving.
5. Keep your head up high . . . make eye contact when shaking hands.

What Are You Doing For The Rest Of Your Life? (July 23, 2008)

Wisdom Gained: Continue to live life finding what you want to do.

Excerpt: I believe there is always a better life. One may see a husband, wife, and their two kids walking in the park smiling happily. Most people think they’re having the best time of their lives. Who knows, perhaps, the [husband or the] wife is thinking in the back of [the] head, “This life stinks and I want more?” I walk around my company campus, I see different people when I shop, I see families when I watch a movie or walk in the park, I think either they’re having a [content] life or they’re having a good life and want a better life.

I admit I ask myself the question quite a few times. Who [has] not ask themselves the question? If you have not ask yourself the question, then ask yourself the question and answer honestly? My answers vary. One day I have a different answer. Another day, another different answer. Timing is everything.

Underground (July 10, 2008)

Wisdom Gained: The video does a better job explaining what I learned. Watch it!

Excerpt: Check out the video “Underground”, a short film by Kristen Dehnert & Aimee Lagos. The film is 11 minutes. Continue to watch after the credits for the lesson ^__^ Enjoy. If you choose to watch the video at Yahoo website, click the link

Learn From Failures, Too (September 25, 2007)

Wisdom Gained: Remember to learn from you failures as well as your successes.

Excerpt: One of the ways to be successful is to model from the successful people in business, entertainment, government, and sports. Another way to be successful is to learn from the successful people’s failures. In Bill Gates’ book “Business @ The Speed Of Thought,” Gates devoted half of a chapter on failures. He shared his failed businesses and what he learned from the failures. Observe your daily life and take note how other people live their lives, how businesses conduct daily operations, and how you live your life. Find your failures and learn from them. (And be aware of your successes and innovate your successes.)

Patience To Earn Relationships (September 9, 2007)

Wisdom Gained: It takes patience to learn who a person is for long-term family, friend, business, and romantic relationships.

Excerpt: Nobody can know too many people. Always meet people and know many people. If the people you’re going to meet are going to be long lasting relationships whether it’s business, friends, companions, partners, acquaintances, or personal, it’s going to happen in time. Be patient. It takes time to develop, earn, and strengthen relationships. The relationship grows when you and your group participates in more events such as working on projects, taking a trip, attending a concert, playing poker, and eating at a restaurant which results in the more everyone knows each other a little at a time. Nobody is going to tell someone or a group of people his or her life history in one social event or one instance. It takes months, even years, to truly know a person or people. True and long lasting relationships say, “I know *insert name(s)* for X years.”

Hate Something? Do Something Else (August 20, 2007)

Wisdom Gained: Do something else to take your mind off something you hate.

Excerpt: Don't sweat the small stuff. If something happens and it's not going to matter one year later, then forget about it. If someone cuts you off driving in the freeway, forget it. If you spilled milk, clean it up, and forget it. If you didn't win a contest, forget it. If a stranger said something insulting, forget it. Find something else to be productive. When you accomplish something else, you feel good and the bad feelings from the hated something or hated someone is forgotten.

A 12 Year Mistake (August 12, 2007)

Wisdom Gained: Meet new people and make new friends continuously.

Excerpt: My 12 year mistake was I failed to continuously meet new people and make new friends. In September 2004, I attended an anime convention. I wore a costume for the first time and participated in a gathering where I met people. The event was a wake up call.

Nobody can ever have too many friends. It’s a small world. Since 2004 when I started to meet new people, some of the new people I met knew others and those others I met them at another event. It’s the circle of friends. My circles are overlapping and I’m creating new circles. I’m re-learning how to meet new people, to make new friends, and to be a popular person. A popular person is not being the “Big Person On Campus.” A popular person is a person who is being liked. If you want to be liked, then be helpful to others, present yourself with positive character, possess the charming attitude, influence others to be better and to take the next step forward, be a good listener, smile--in short, have a friendly personality. You’re not going to make new friends every time you meet new people in a social instance; however, it’s a small world and you may see them in the future for which you may become friends at a later date.

Who you know is more important that what you know. Schools fail to teach the lesson.

Lonely And Cheerful (July 24, 2007)

Wisdom Gained: It's OK to be alone.

Excerpt: When I feel lonely, I want to be alone. Take a break from work, take a break from hanging out with family and friends, and take a break from your daily routine. Turn yourself off from the outside, take a breath, and think about your present.

There is a benefit to the lonely feeling. The lonely feeling assures the world revolves around nobody. The world is part of us and we are part of the world. Nobody is the whole entire world. If a person feels happy, sad, angry, depressed, or lonely, the world goes on. The sun rises and sets everyday. If anything good or anything bad happens, the world goes on.

Fourth Of July Double Fireworks Blast: Schools Get An F For Excluding The Letter E (July 7, 2007)

Wisdom Gained: You must earn what you want in life.

Excerpt: There is a lesson in life school[s] and college failed to teach me. My schools and college earned an F for failing to teach me the word "earn." Life doesn't give you your life on a silver platter. You must earn whatever you want, your desires, and your goals. If you want to be a friend, you must earn their friendship and their respect. If you want your special person in your life to be with your for the rest of your life, you must earn their love.

Successes must be earned. Everyone must work and earn. Work and earn. Get up from the couch. Get up from the computer. Go out and earn your life. Want a new job? Earn it. Want to meet new people and find new friends? Earn them. Want to buy your dream car? Go earn it. Want to get promoted? Earn it. Want your children to respect you and trust you? Earn them. Want to be a starter in football? Earn it. Want to influence others and be a leader? Earn them. Want to be part of an elite group? You must earn the group's respect and their acceptance. Anything you do, any goals, any desires, any achievements, any wants, you must earn it.

A Lesson On Life Yesterday (May 5, 2007)

Wisdom Gained: You are responsible for yourself.

Excerpt: You are responsible for yourself. At Cisco, I talked to a few co-workers, and many of them worked at Cisco less than six months. They told me nobody is going to sit down and teach you. You must learn it yourself. You are given an assignment, here are the guidelines, now do it.

You Must Create The Endings (April 30, 2007)

Wisdom Gained: Schools have summer vacations; life doesn't have summer vacations.

Excerpt: Most of today's USA public schools year starts in September and ends in June. June to August is summer vacation. Schools have endings and college have endings. The ultimate ending is graduation. Unfortunately, schools following the June to August summer vacation schedule create a false sense of what life is about. Life doesn't have two and a half months summer vacations. Life doesn't give you an ending. You must work on your ending. If you want a bright ending, then get up the couch and create action.

I Promise To Keep My Age Positive (April 28, 2007)

Wisdom Gained: Age is just a number.

Excerpt: No more telling stories about what I failed to do [when I was younger]. No more telling people my regrets. No more stay young stories. Age is just a number.

Release The Cherish (March 14, 2007)

Wisdom Gained: Have courage to say goodbye to anything precious.

Excerpt: In our lives, we cherish many people, places, and things. Only a few are cherished forever in our lives. For the rest, have the courage to release the cherish and move forward in life.

As time moves forward, we encounter new people, new places, and new items. There is a moment where we must make a choice to keep an existing cherish or choose a new cherish. And sometimes we must say goodbye to a cherish and find a new cherish to continue living.

It's The Second Year That Counts (December 31, 2006)

Wisdom Gained: First years, first impressions, first go-around, and first successes are equally important as second years, second impressions, second go-around, and second successes.

Excerpt: The second year, the second go around, the sophomore year determines how good someone or something is. My first year at my present company gave me the wrong impression how friendly my company was—the company began going downhill in terms of workplace morale. Some people I met I thought they were cool people at first—the more I knew them, the more I realized they were jerks. And my laptop worked without problems even though other people reported problems on my model in their first year of use—so far so good in the second year ^_^

When everything is going smoothly in the first year taking classes at high school, the first year working in a company, the first year in a serious relationship, the first year driving a new car, whatever first year, the second year determines how good it is. In the first year, some people tend to have the mindset, the thinking, and the attitude that everything was going perfectly, flawless, and joyful. The first impression was positive. Everything was mistake free or problem free; unfortunately, mistakes and problems are going to happen sooner or later. The second year determines if any mistakes and problems could be corrected to continue the classes, the career, the relationship, keeping the laptop.

If you have a great first year at something, then keep the momentum going in the second year and beyond because it's the second year that counts. Continuing innovating to be better and innovate infinitely.

Quad 4 of 4: Every Human Has The Right To Be Happy (October 24, 2006)

Wisdom Gained: Everyone has the right to find happiness.

Excerpt: New happiness can be anything including hanging out with my friends more often, make new friends, meet new people, get a new job, learn a new hobby, read more books, travel, visit a new place, anything happiness goes.

After you read the Blog, go find happiness. Good luck and smile happily! *:)

One Lesson Of Life Cosplaying (August 28, 2006)

Wisdom Gained: Be patient. Never rush.

Excerpt: The lesson of life I learned cosplaying is to never rush. Making a cosplay takes time. There is research, purchasing the materials including fabric, and labor. When I created my Edward Elric, I purchased art books to get pictures, researched for tips and suggestions on how to make the red jacket and black vest on the Internet, researched boots styles on the Internet, researched how to find a leathermaster to make the belt pad, asked co-workers where I get a custom made clasp, shopped around for a wig, and shopped on eBay for the white gloves. Lots of work to make the cosplay? Absolutely.

The same applies to my Syaoran and Hitsugaya cosplays. Never rush success. Never rush a goal. Goals and accomplishments take time. The Edward Elric cosplay took lots of free time after work and on weekends which debut at Japantown Anime Faire 2004. I have been receiving positive feedback XD

Complete a goal slowly and keep the goal in focus. It’s a matter of time when the goal is accomplished :]

[My thanks to my Mom who sewed my Edward, Syaoran, and Hitsugaya cosplays XD]

Whoever Though Of The Word "Rush" Lived A Short Life (June 11, 2006)

Wisdom Gained: Take life one day at a time. Have fun, learn, and enjoy.

Excerpt: In Herbert Simon’s writing “What We Know About The Creative Process”, he said it takes 10 years and 50,000 chunks of knowledge to become an expert. To expand on the idea, it takes 18 years to become an adult. Don’t rush success. Don’t rush being an expert.

Action Speaks Louder Than Words (June 2, 2006)

Wisdom Gained: If you talk the talk, you must stand by your talk.

Excerpt: Action speaks louder than words. Straightforward example: a couple loves each other and says, “I Love You.” The couple must demonstrate, must show, and prove their love using action for “I Love You” to have meaning, to have creditability, to have faith, and to have sincerity. The common actions are hugs and kisses, gifts, love letters, and being together and sharing life.

Think about famous people using action. Dr. Martin Luther King’s non-violent protests. Barry Bonds hitting home runs and chasing Hank Aaron’s all time career home run record. Bill Gates founded Microsoft. Martha Stewart and her Martha Stewart Living business. Albert Einstein, Time Magazine’s person of the century, contributions to science using action.

Today’s school teaches student to behave quietly and learn from the textbooks. The famous people above found success learning outside the classroom and outside the textbooks.

Give First To Receive Later . . . Wrong (April 16, 2006)

Wisdom Gained: Do something to receive something.

Excerpt: If you want to receive later in life, then you must give first. Give first, receive later. Give something to receive something. Correct choice of attitude, wrong choice of words.

Do something to receive something is the better phase. Substitute give with do. The word do is a stronger word because it makes the person do it. It’s like Nike’s phase “Just Do It.” If you want to receive something, just do it. Do first, receive later--not give first, receive later.

Using $$$$$ To Help Others, Create Action, Show Appreciation (April 8, 2006)

Wisdom Gained: Money is a way to help people, create action, and show appreciation.

Excerpt: *In my Dad's company, the company matched dollar for dollar up to a maximum (I forgot the maximum) to help the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts in September 2005. All donations for Hurricane Katrina regardless of taxable income are tax deductible for the 2005 tax year.

*In a Florida high school, a junior purchased 500 roses for his classmates on Valentine's Day. The junior saved his money since December and paid $900. Unfortunately, he was 100 roses short :-<

*A long time ago, Donald Trump was in Los Angeles to attend a function. His limo broke down. He was able to get a ride from a couple heading towards the function. Trump arrived at the function on time. In appreciation, Trump paid the couple's mortgage in full.

*Antonio Esfandiari, one of the youngest professional poker players gave $400,000 to his parents after winning his first million dollar championship poker event. Before playing poker, Esfandiari was a professional magician at private parties.

*A pregnant waitress in Virginia received a $973.65 tip from a couple they paid $1,000 for a $26.35 meal. The widow left the tip because she “didn’t need it.” The waitress was crying with excitement.

The above examples demonstrate there are people who know how to use $$$$$ to help people, create action, and show appreciation. These people really know how to use money $-))

Life Sucks? Why Live? (March 16, 2006)

Wisdom Gained: Fight the pain, the suffering, and the struggles to keep living.

Excerpt: If life is bad for us, why live life? Why live a life full of struggles and mishaps? Isn't life supposed to be good for everyone? Isn't life supposed to treat everyone fairly to a good life. Why do bad things happen to good people who try their hardest? When are the rewards coming?

Why do we sufferers of the bad side of life still live. The reason is to fight, fight, fight. Without the suffering, without the pain, we don't have a life. We live to fight and conquer these bad sides of our lives. We fight to live. Without the fight to win attitude, there is no point in living. Continue the fight. I am. When the day is bad, remember tomorrow is another day. When a job is loss, it may be a blessing in disguise. When the night calls for sleep, dream the victory. Good luck, everyone!

Don't See With Your Eyes, See With Your Mind (February 18, 2006)

Wisdom Gained: Use your mind to see.

Excerpt: Obi-Wan: I suggest you try it again, Luke. That time, let go your conscious self . . . and act on instinct.

[Obi-Wan places helmet with blast shield on Luke.]

Luke: With the blast shield down, I can't even see. How am I supposed to fight?

Obi-Wan: Your eyes can deceive you. Don't trust them.

The scene is my all-time favorite scene. Why? For many of us, we are told to use our instincts or our gut feelings. Learn to trust gut feelings. Our instincts tend to be the correct choices.

When Obi-Wan said eyes can be deceiving, he is correct big time. Many people depend on their eyes too much. They fail to think carefully whether what is seen is the truth. To correct the error, they must think with their minds. See with their minds and the truth is exposed.

Time Will Tell (January 28, 2006)

Wisdom Gained: Time is the ultimate judge.

Excerpt: Everything we do in the present, right now, at this moment, and anything done today for the future time will tell. We are given the moments in the present and must be proactive in the moments to make the best choices. The ultimate judge is time. Time choose whether our actions today affects tomorrow in our favor, against our favor, or nobody’s favor.

Think Of Future Consequences And There Is No Future (January 16, 2006)

Wisdom Gained: Live the present. Live the moment.

Excerpt: Live the present. Live the moment. For some of us, one moment in time—the present time—is going to last a lifetime and brings us to a higher level in life never dreamed of before. Don't think about the future consequences. Think about future consequences and nobody is going to move on. Create memories today . . . create a ton of memories today for the future. Use the present today, right now, for a bright future. Cherish the present days. Don't waste today.

Nobody knows the future. Nobody. Everyone knows the present. Today, we live the present and know what's going to at this time. If nobody knows the future, why worry about it? It could be good or bad. Never worry about tomorrow. Live today . . . live right now to the fullest. Life is more value when lived today with full mighty.

24/48 Rule (November 27, 2005)

Wisdom Gained: Wait 24 hours for goods or services less than $100 and 48 hours for greater than $100 to avoid the urge to splurge.

Excerpt: The 24/48 rule is 24 hours and 48 hours. When the consumer has the urge to splurge, the 24/48 rule activates. The consumer must wait 24 hours to purchase an item less than $100.00 and 48 hours to purchase an item $100.00 and greater. The 24/48 rule dollar amount threshold is a judgment call. The rule works for me because the next day or two, I lose the urge to splurge. I think to myself, "Did I really need to buy it?"

Say Hi and Smile Goes Miles (October 20, 2005)

Wisdom Gained: Do the little things and they add up in time.

Excerpt: One little thing is to Say Hi and Smile to co-workers, family, and friends. Doing Say Hi and Smile is an impression—an impression people remember. In my workplace, the people who Say Hi and Smile are the top workers, the top professionals who knows their line of work, have lots of knowledge and experience, and are open. (Well, most of them anyway. There are a few exceptions. Hee, hee.)

Say Hi and Smile can also be the little things that gets you the promotion, the job hiring, the contract, the sale, meeting new people and them remembering you, and the something special you always wanted. If there is competition for a job, I bet Say Hi and Smile is the little thing that makes a difference who gets the job. I’m sure the level of knowledge is the same for all the competitors; however, the Say Hi and Smile is the difference and whoever Say Hi and Smile, the person has a higher chance of getting the job. Good luck!

Epilogue: Finally, Finally, Finally!!! :-)) Epilogue is completed. (October 15, 2005)

Wisdom Gained: Life is a marathon, not a sprint.

Excerpt: On the first day of the vacation, Steve drove around Hood Canal. He wanted to take the scenic route from the airport to Lilliwaup, Steve’s home city. During the drive, I paid attention to the homes facing the waterfront. Most of the people I saw are in their retirement age, have middle class cars (in other words, no BMWs, Mercedes, and Lexuses) parked on their driveways, and wearing clothes that likely were purchased from Old Navy or Ross. These people didn't earn the money to buy these homes to live for retirement and/or for a vacation home overnight. It took years for these retirees to make money. Life is a marathon, not a sprint. These people won their marathons and are retired. It takes time to become successful. I should enjoy the marathon. That is the inspiration from the Washington Canada Vacation. *Hooray, hooray, hooray*

It's An Example Of Going Back To The Basics (August 7, 2005)

Wisdom Gained: When you in a jam, go back to the basics. Go remind yourself the basics which is what I'm doing :D :D :D

Excerpt: My cousins and I played Super Smash Brothers for the Nintendo Game Cube. I rarely played the game and I stink. When my cousins went back to the hotel, I practiced for two hours. I did the training mode, I re-read the instruction manual on basic movements and special movements for the Pikachu character. After the practice, I remembered many of the moves and basic strategies.

When you are in a jam, go back to the basics. Read some books, remember the successes, call people if needed, do something basic to remind you and/or to learn something new to get out of a jam—to solve the problem.

Here is a summary of the Wisdom Gained:

*01. Never take anything and anyone for granted.
*02. Trust my gut feeling.
*03. I updated my daily top five rules for living.
*04. Continue to live life finding what you want to do.
*05. [Observe people who they are and not what we think they are.]
*06. Remember to learn from your failures as well as your successes.
*07. It takes patience to learn who a person is for long-term family, friend, business, and romantic relationships.
*08. Do something else to take your mind off something you hate.
*09. Meet new people and make new friends continuously.
*10. It's OK to be alone.

*11. You must earn what you want in life.
*12. You are responsible for yourself.
*13. Schools have summer vacations; life doesn't have summer vacations.
*14. Age is just a number.
*15. Have courage to say goodbye to anything precious.
*16. First years, first impressions, first go-around, and first successes are equally important as second years, second impressions, second go-around, and second successes.
*17. Everyone has the right to find happiness.
*18. Be patient. Never rush.
*19. Take life one day at a time. Have fun, learn, and enjoy.
*20. If you talk the talk, you must stand by your talk.

*21. Do something to receive something.
*22. Money is a way to help people, create action, and show appreciation.
*23. Fight the pain, the suffering, and the struggles to keep living.
*24. Use your mind to see.
*25. Time is the ultimate judge.
*26. Live the present. Live the moment.
*27. Wait 24 hours for goods or services less than $100 and 48 hours for greater than $100 to avoid the urge to splurge.
*28. Do the little things and they add up in time.
*29. Life is a marathon, not a sprint.
*30. When you in a jam, go back to the basics. Go remind yourself the basics which is what I'm doing :D :D :D

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Positives Wed Dec 3-Sat Dec 6, 2008

*Watched Voices Of A Distance Star anime. Anime released in 2002. Best 30 minute movie I have ever seen. Must watch from casual to die hard otaku anime fans (^__^)

*Cooked first pan fry dinner from a cook book. Mistakes made. I'm eager to correct mistakes and cook new recipes.

*Increased the pounds lifted working out at the gym.

*LastExlir offered me a job (^^) I declined.

*Ate baked toast for the first time. Yummy!! Ate astronaut ice cream. Very fattening :O

*Spent day with Appu and gmontem eating baked goods from a real bakery at The Buttery; shopped for books at Barnes & Noble; checked out crock-pots, stainless steel watches, and books at Costco; purchased Intel Q9300 and mini tripod at Micro Center; and purchased polysynthetic silver thermal compound for CPU at Fry's. If you're going to Costco, eat lunch or dinner there because it's cheap $-)

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Positives Sat Nov 29-Tue Dec 2, 2008

*Shopped Cyber Monday. Purchased motherboard, shredder, and jazz CDs at good prices.

*Donated the last of my old clothes. Out with the old and in with the new.

*Baked a piece of frozen pork into a tasteful dinner.

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Positives Thur Nov 27-Fri Nov 28, 2008

*Thanksgiving Day with my family. I brought back an old tradition watching Planes, Trains & Automobiles movie. Great classic movie. I drank sparkling apple cedar for the first time. Very strong for me. I drink five or six sips and that's it =__= And after dinner, we watched Bullitt starting Steve McQueen.

*Shopped Black Friday. Purchased Intel Quad Q6600 and a IDE/SATA adapter cable.

*Hung out with a friend from SoCal visiting family for Thanksgiving in Los Gatos. We ate breakfast and then visited Santa Cruz.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Positives Mon Nov 24-Wed Nov 26, 2008

*Finished catching up emails.

*Watched The Departed movie. Actors were great. Movie itself was so-so. Overrated IMO.

*Got back to working out at the gym and watching anime.

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Positives Sat Nov 22-Sun Nov 23, 2008

*Completed personal errands: laundry, ironing, clean up and reorganize my room, update my expense database, pay bills, and catch up emails.

*Watched Hancock (shhhhh) and A View To A Kill.

*Cooked lunch the stir fry way. Looking forward to stir fry more XD

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Positives Sat Nov 15-Fri Nov 21, 2008

*Vacationed in Washington and Victoria, British Columbia, Canada with my friend. Highlights included winning money in craps, visiting Victoria, experiencing Seattle rain, visiting rock 'n roll and science fiction museum, climbing an indoor wall for the first time, and visiting Hurricane Ridge. I also purchased souvenirs including books and DVDs.

*Sold ten books at Half Price Books freeing space in my bookshelf =)

*Ate lunch with a friend during his lunch hour at work.

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Positives Thur Nov 13-Fri Nov 14, 2008

*Donated my old clothes at one of Cisco's collection bins for the Xmas holiday.

*Washed and ironed my new clothes ready to wear =)

*Went to gym Thur evening after sleeping extra hours Wed night (-,-)

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Positives Sat Nov 8-Wed Nov 12, 2008

*Replaced all flashlights with new batteries. I checked the flashlight batteries when daylight savings begins and ends. I choose to replace all batteries instead of checking batteries for voltage.

*Watched The 40 Year Old Virgin movie. If you’re 40 and over and barring medical conditions and you can’t drive, grow up and learn how to drive. And I own one PVC figure ~~

*Purchased leather jacket and slippers to wear around the house. Also purchased another new pair of shoes and a new tablecloth for the dining room table.

*Tried cranberry juice for the first time. I like it cold and with ice. Thank you Hot Fuzz movie =D

*Checked smoke alarms and replaced batteries.

*My short paragraph was published in the local newspaper. The article ask readers to share what we discovered by completing the sentence, “Recently, I discovered . . .” (Pic below)

*Finished quarterly reports for my department. Finally!

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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Positives Mon Nov 3-Fri Nov 7, 2008

*Listened to my first jazz CD. The CD is Bill Evans’ Greatest Hits. I listened after eating dinner and relaxing before going to the gym. Jazz was so relaxing I choose to work out Tues, Wed, and Thur. Going with the flow ^__^ I dreamed randomly and my eyes were closed the entire time. The only time my eyes opened was when I wrote down my random dreams. I must have been tired from work or jazz is outrageously good! Here’s what I wrote down verbatim and with sentences:

--I was in a restaurant in the 1920s. I sat on a stool in front of the counter. I talked to the cook behind the counter schools fail to teach failure—learning by failure. Schools taught by rewarding correct answers. I asked how could I teach failure.

--I lived alone in a house. I lied down on a sofa listening to jazz.

--I thought about falling in love with a friend.

--Life. Reality is rejection, failure, disappointment, frustration. Can’t avoid. Must learn to prevent and equally important gain strength to deal and to learn.

--Visiting the arcade museum in San Francisco Fisherman’s Warf. (Forgot name of museum.)

--Being Elliott Ness.

--Climbing a climbing wall.

--Thought of a Charles Schwab commercial.

--Going inside a Borders bookstore.

--Listening to jazz every Friday at work.

--Bellagio casino in Las Vegas. There was a gun shootout as if I’m in a movie and jazz music playing in the background and providing the background music.

--Making love listening to jazz.

--Spending a day in San Francisco and I was bored.

--Realized when I bend my left leg, I’m in a good mood. Especially when I’m driving. I consciously stretch my left leg when needed.

--Remembering shopping for school clothing to make me look cool at Macys in 1987.

--Barry Manilow concert.

I listened to the CD a second time. I went to bed on the second song. I didn’t brush my teeth. I woke up around 1:30am to turn off the light and set the alarm. Further, I listen to jazz when I eat breakfast (*__*)

*Voted by absentee ballot. I dropped off the absentee at my polling place. There was nobody there.

*Talked to a co-worker from my old building. We chatted for a few minutes.

*Mailed my rebates for my video card and power supply for my new PC I’m building.

*Felt good working out after working out for two days last week. And best cardio workout since I started my new workout plan.

*Quarterly PowerPoint draft #1 and draft #2 completed. Hope to finish before Fri Nov 14.

*Another busy week at work. It’s good to keep busy. Better than watching YouTube videos -__-

*Went to Tap-X to hang out with my friends after missing a few weeks due to various reasons :D

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Positives Sun Nov 2, 2008

*Purchased new pair of shoes.

*Checked and updated first aid kit.

*Tried Chicken Rotini soup for the first time during dinner.

*Upgraded, promoted, power up, leveled up, wise up background color FRM blog from marine blue to silver =)

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Positives Sat Nov 1, 2008

*Watched anime movie "The Place Promised in Our Early Days," a rare weekend I watched anime. And I watched Hot Fuzz. Hot Fuzz hilarious!

*Purchased my video card cheaper at Micro Center with rebate and returned the same video card at Fry's.

*Watched two exciting college games at the end. The first was Pittsburg vs. Notre Dame going four overtimes eating lunch and Texas vs. Texas Tech end of third quarter and all of fourth quarter eating dinner.

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Saturday, November 1, 2008

How Do You Handle Frustrations?

The frustrations question came up in my mind when I walked to the Cisco security badge building to reactivate my badge Thur late morning. I was frustrated earlier when my direct manager and my department manager I support choose to modify the criteria for the quarterly numbers. I was really frustrated. Really!! I said in the conference call, “You’re kidding . . . .” Then I caught my error and said, “And that’s with respect.” Everyone laughed `__* And I kept my calm by speaking calmly. I didn’t raise my voice. Whew :>

I do a poor job handling frustrations. The reason is I rarely experience frustrations. I do a good job avoiding frustrations by preventing possible frustrations when I complete my responsibilities and plan ahead for assignments, errands, and events. Later in my life as I earn more responsibilities and participate in more activities the chances I experience frustrations increase, and it’s scary :O

Frustrations happen daily anywhere and anytime. Frustrations are normal. Frustrations are a valid human emotion. The process to deal with the frustrations determines who is grown up and mature or immature and just gives up. The frustration I experienced Thur morning after I calmed down, I accepted the new criteria and recalculated the quarterly numbers. I accepted the quarterly reports were going to be completed past due date and management recognizes the set back. Go with the flow and remember to take a deep breath *inhale, exhale*

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China’s Birthday Traditions

My first lighthearted FRM blog entry, LOL ~~ According to Uncle John’s Great Big Bathroom Reader page 232, in China, a baby’s birthday is celebrated 30 days old, one year old, tenth birthday, and every ten years as long as the person lives. In particular, the 30th anniversary is important because the child becomes an adult. Hmmm, I’m 34 years old and I’m growing up to be an adult. I must be a late bloomer :D

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Positives Sun Oct 26-Fri Oct 31, 2008

*Reorganized my ties. Old ties to be donated and keep my good looking ties =)~

*Purchased five jazz music CDs online. The jazz music reminded me of going to some restaurants that played jazz. My first jazz CDs ;)

*Finished watching The Godfather trilogy. Must see movies! The movies are on my all-time favorite movies list.

*Purchased power supply unit for my new PC. I still have more hardware to purchase.

*Wore my light black jacket to work. Temperatures are cooling finally!

*Free day off Mon as my manager failed to renew my job status. No network access, no email, no internet, no voice mail, and no security access. Yet . . .

*. . . Another busy week at work. The busiest week in a while as my department is working on its quarterly reports. It’s good to be busy from a job security point of view =__= I don’t have to work on the weekends. Lucky!

*Took day off from gym Wed to rest and take it slowly to finish the rest of the busy week ^_^

*Went to get a haircut at my usual salon. As expected, the salon closed and I improvised by going to a Supercuts. No brainer here. It’s a simple example never think one sided *__*

*Halloween events. Wore my Chrono cosplay at work and attended the cosplay gathering at Winchester Mystery House.

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

What Are Your Hobbies?

A usual question asked when two or more people meet for the first or second time :D I ask myself what are my hobbies and how I spend my time enjoying my hobbies >.>

Japanese Anime. I wear costumes or cosplay, take pics of other cosplayers, and meet new people and hang out with my friends at anime conventions. I work full time and I have time to watch two episodes of anime. I rarely watch anime on the weekends and holidays. I read Full Metal Alchemist, Tsubasa Chronicles, Bleach, and Nana comic books or manga. For plushies or stuffed anime characters, I have 11 characters and a few stuffed animals including two Pikachus. My art book collection is small compared to die hard anime fans. My DVD collection fills almost four 12 gallon containers. I have about 175 anime and Japanese Popular (J-Pop) CD music, and most of my anime CDs are anime series from the 1990s and early 2000s. My J-Pop collection is small and not the latest and greatest artists. My cousin gives me most of her favorite J-Pop music in mp3 format. I have one PVC figurine and a small collection of plastic and resin figures. On my wall, I have one wall scroll and three posters. The older wall scrolls I gave away to my friends. I have one anime cel and a very small fan art collection. I have one anime PC video game. And I have three dounjinshi books.

I consider myself an anime fan who keeps up with the general trends and events. I'm above a casual anime fan and below a die hard anime fan. I download some the latest fansubs from Japan (I can't watch everything) and visit Anime News Network during my spare time. I purchase most of my anime online. I purchase authentic anime goods from Japan at anime conventions.

Comic Strips. I'm really a casual reading comic strips. I read the Sunday comics every Sunday and I read the weekday comics when I have free time. I own a Peanuts, Fox Trot, and a Dilbert book of comics. My favorite comic strips are Peanuts, Fox Trot, Calvin and Hobbes, Dilbert, Garfield, and The Far Side.

Working Out At The Gym. I work out three days a week. My schedule is Mondays and Wednesday 15 minutes on the treadmill and a beginning weight plan and Tuesdays 30 minutes on treadmill and 30 minutes on the stationary bike. I stretch out before working out. And I do abdominal crunches at home after the gym Mondays and Wednesdays.

Listening to CDs. I listen to classic rock, classical, anime, and J-Pop. I'm interested in listening to jazz currently. I have a book with a list of suggestions. I'm going to be a big time casual jazz.

My CD collection is about 150. Most of the time I listen to music at work with my mp3 player. I use Napster to download most of my mp3 collection.

Playing Video Games. Today, I'm really a casual video game fan. The latest video game I'm playing is Team Fortress 2 (TF2), and as of today I have not played for the last 30+ days. I played Starcraft and Command & Conquer for the PC a long time ago. I have the Gamecube, Dreamcast, Playstation 2 (PS2), and Sega Saturn, and I have no time playing those systems. I plan to sell my Dreamcast and Playstation 2 next year to buy a Wii. I had one PS2 video game I sold the game at Fanime Con'08. The last time I played video games consistently during my spare time was Fall 1996 while attending San Jose State University. I rarely play classic arcade games using meme on my PC. I play video games in the arcade once or twice a year. I mostly play the shooting games in the arcades. I don't play the fighting games.

I'm interested in playing Crysis after I build my new PC =__=

Reading Books. The books I read are business, investment, self-improvement, technology, and advice. I'm interested in reading fiction.

Cooking. I cook for my family many days when I get home from work and some weekends. I really want to cook stir fry. The problem is my Mom doesn't want to dirty the stove top =p Kitchens are meant to be messy to cook good food. Of course I'm responsible and I clean up when the situation calls for it ;) I also want to expand my limited cooking skills.

Games. I enjoy playing board games and playing casino games. I have been playing board games once a week with my friends. Also, I play with my friend from Washington when we hang out together. My favorite casino game is craps, and I only play craps.

Miscellaneous. Taking pictures of police cars, watching popular sports (football, baseball, basketball) casually and I follow the sport headlines, a few travel including Las Vegas and Seattle, and sometimes staying home and watch a movie (always keep an eye for $4-$5 DVDs). I browse the web with my friends such as watching YouTube videos or discuss the latest and greatest in anime and technology rarely. And sometimes I browse the web myself.

The hobbies above I have been doing for a long time. I have not found any new hobbies. It's time for something new to do for my spare time. I have been talking about expanding interests and learning new skills in my Innovating Common Knowledge blogs. I fail :< I have not been expanding my interests and learning new skills myself. Now is the time to open up and find something that interests me. Man, my life has been boring for the last two years =p For starters, I'm interested in reading fiction :>

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Positives Tue Oct 21-Sat Oct 25, 2008

*Lost three pounds the last time I checked my weight at the gym.

*Updated my webpage Innovate Infinitely.

*Completed draft templates for my department's quarterly report.

*Another busy week at work. Work kept me busy during the daytimes and taking a time out from my life outside work ~~

*Reorganized my book shelf and gathered old electronics for recycling on Sat morning.

*Moved all my anime fansubs to my 500GB external hard drive and backed up data to my other flash drives.

*Purchased video card for my new PC on sale and new headphones which is water resistance for working out. My old headphones the rubber securing the headphone on my ear broke.

*Purchased two new sportshirts and a wool top coat. And purchased a new bed sheet set.
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Positives Sat Oct 18-Mon Oct 20, 2008

*No more paragraph format when I create and reply to emails XD

*I’m one step closer to building my PC thanks to Appu and gmontem’s coming with me to Fry’s organized Sat morning.

*Triple shot watching movies. I watched Batman Begins with Appu at gmontem’s house, Indiana Jones IV, and The Godfather Part II.

*Purchased 500GB external hard drive for backups.

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

What Is Your Gut Instinct In Life?

I completed an Innovating Common Knowledge blog post on fear and instinct. After I finished writing the blog, I realized my life has been living on my gut feeling, my intuition, my instinct. Many situations and instances I’m lost or I’m clueless, my intuition takes over my thinking, my speech, and my actions. My intuition has saved my ass many times for better or for worse.

Going forward, my way of living life is going to be from my gut instinct, my gut feeling. I was never a smart person in school. I’m growing up and I depend on my gut instinct. I trust my gut instinct.

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Positives Thur Oct 16-Fri Oct 17, 2008

*Completed 95% of my surveys assignment I started on Monday. Work was normal on Thursday and light today.

*Also completed my initial research building a new PC. I read articles I printed and it’s time to browse and shop.

*Caught up on my emails from earlier in the week.

*Take out for dinner. Going for Chinese for my Dad and I. Why were there so many cars on a Friday night after commute hours? WTH! And the roads I drove were roads not used to drive out of town.

*Caught up on my expense database. My expense database tracks my expenses including gas, food, anime, and bare necessities. I thought about the year 2008 going faster than 2007 because it felt like yesterday I finished my Dec 07 bills :P

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Positives Mon Oct 13-Wed Oct 15, 2008

*Purchased Mr. Mom DVD for $5. Mr. Mom is a classic movie in my childhood. And purchased Indiana Jones IV.

*Exercised after missing a week and a half from fatigue.

*Work has picked up I looked forward to. Work occupied my thoughts of life outside work for better and for worse.

*Purchased new shirt and new blanket. And purchased frozen chicken tender strips for the family.

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Monday, October 13, 2008

What Are You Doing To Change Your Daily Presentation?

Here is one way I’m changing my daily presentation. I retired my black mail bag on the left and replaced with a green backpack on the right. The mail bag is the NERV logo from the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion. I presented myself not as a grown up and not as a mature person. I carried the mail bag everyone I went including inside stores, banks, and even casinos -__-

The backpack has more advantages. The backpack is bigger. The backpack portrays me not as a loser as if I’m carrying the mail bag. The backpack portrays me as an adventurer, a person who’s outgoing, a person looking to explore new places and try anything new, and is prepared for almost any crisis. I put the backpack in the trunk in some situations such as entering a retail store, restaurant, or a formal occasion. I wear my backpack when I’m outdoors or traveling :>

I admit the backpack is not a daypack some sporting goods store sells. The size of the backpack is perfect. Even though the backpack was mid 1990s style, I’m confident nobody judges a person by his or her backpack. If I see a good deal for a more practical backpack, I’m buying =)

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Positives Sat Oct 11-Sun Oct 12, 2008

*Attended No Name Anime Club to watch anime in a library.

*Purchased men’s sleep wear set and wear for the first time.

*Watched Godfather Part I. It was hard to recognize Al Pacino, Robert Duvall, James Caan, and Diane Keaton. Part II is next weekend ^__^

*Acquired new jacket for chilly days. My old jacket is for emergencies in my car >.<

*Purchased new light jacket for cold days at Mervyns. 50% off regular price $-)

*Purchased a new bed sheet set for my bed. Nice and comfy =__=

*Shopped with my Dad buying the light jacket and bed sheet set. Dad is sick and needed fresh air. We also went to Safeway for groceries.

*Cleaned up my room removing and recycling junk.

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Positives Fri Oct 10, 2008

*Successfully arrived for a 7am meeting.

*Great idea. I bring face towels with me when I'm out of the house. I sweat easily ;__;

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Oh, crap! Your intro is negative. Do you agree, Raymond?

I agree. Time to rewrite the intro. Here is the new one :D

My name is Raymond Mar, and I’m growing up. My personal project is to find who I am, the best good guy and never stop innovating my good guyness. I’m open minded. I let everyone be themselves because I want them to be so I learn their thoughts, knowledge, and experiences. I make mistakes and I learn when realized. I have a positive and optimistic attitude. I want to try anything new. My behavior is maturing. My wisdom is growing. Never take anything and anyone for granted.

Here is the old one:

My name is Raymond Mar, and I had been an immature good guy. My indefinite goal, my personal project is to find who I am, a mature good guy. I’m open minded. I let everyone be themselves because I want them to be so I learn their thoughts, knowledge, and experiences. I make mistakes and I do stupid moves I learn when realized. I have a positive and optimistic attitude. I want to try anything new. My behavior is maturing. My wisdom is growing. Never take anything and anyone for granted.

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Positives Tue Oct 7-Thur Oct 9, 2008

*Removed black and white photo I took for photography class in high school in my room and replace with anime character plushies

*Other than that I have been taking it easy as my Dad is sick and I have been experiencing fatigue. I take it really easy this weekend and hopefully workout next week. Maybe light workouts.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What Is The Greatest Moment You Want To Experience?

There are two. The first greatest moment I want to experience is my braces are removed. I have straight teeth and the best smile. I'm going to wear a retainer for either two or three years. I forgot. Straight teeth and a nice smile are huge for me. People who wore braces told me they gained more confidence. And I want to whiten my teeth. I seek my ortho for advice and suggestions. I anticipate my braces are removed January 2010.

The second greatest moment is my face is free of blackheads and acne. In addition to my face having blackheads and acne when oil and dead skin cells clog up my pores, I believe I have blackheads and acne because I'm still a child, a kid—I have the mentality of a child who needs to grow up. I'm taking Tazorac in the morning and Benzoyl Peroxide at night topical creams. Grow up, dammit! I don't know when my face is free of blackheads and acne.

In a way, my greatest moment is a handsome face without plastic surgery ^_^

Edit 10/14/08: Grammar errors XD

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Positives Mon Oct 6, 2008

*Learned for real people come and go in our lives from a brief 15 minute encounter, acquaintances, friends, family, co-workers, loved ones . . . any relationship among ourselves. I just never thought it happens to me. It does and have been for a long time. Stupid thought that I keep in touch with everyone I know.

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Monday, October 6, 2008

Any Success Finding Yourself?

I’m happy I’m one step closer to finding myself. What did I find? I realized I had been an immature good guy. I realized I need to grow up and mature. I have lots of catching up. It’s time to grow up and be a man. Many people think I’m cool and I’m a nice guy. I’m glad to hear those first impressions ^__^ I now have to act, to behave, to gain knowledge, and to have the mentality of a mature man.

I continue to be 100% alcoholic and drug free. I continue to seek everyone’s opinions about me. I continue to find new hobbies and new lifestyles. I continue to meet new people. I continue to start conversations by asking questions. I continue to find weaknesses and do research to work on my weaknesses. I continue to try anything new. If I need to spend money, I consider spending as an investment. And I continue to make mistakes and learn from the mistakes.

I rewrote my introduction. Here is the old introduction:

My name is Raymond Mar, and I’m lost and I’m a wimp. I’m a good guy working to be a better guy and I’m a terrible guy working to be a great guy. My indefinite goal is to find who I am. I’m open minded and I seek people’s thoughts and knowledge how they live their lives. I make mistakes and I do stupid moves which I learn when realized. I have a positive and optimistic attitude. My behavior is maturing. My wisdom is growing. I recently learned never taking anything and anyone for granted.

Here is the new introduction:

My name is Raymond Mar, and I had been an immature good guy. My indefinite goal, my personal project is to find who I am, a mature good guy. I’m open minded. I let everyone be themselves because I want them to be so I learn their thoughts, knowledge, and experiences. I make mistakes and I do stupid moves I learn when realized. I have a positive and optimistic attitude. I want to try anything new. My behavior is maturing. My wisdom is growing. Never take anything and anyone for granted.

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Positives Friday October 3, 2008-Sunday October 5, 2008

*Finished watching “Special A” anime series.

*Tried Pillsbury buttermilk biscuits, a Pillsbury food for the first time IIRC.

*Completed car maintenance new windshield wipers thanks to my Dad’s help and tire rotation and alignment.

*Accomplished a significant piece of my puzzle to find myself. The piece is shared in the blog titled, “Any Success Finding Yourself?”

*Played Rock Band for the first time singing, playing drums, and playing bass.

*Played World of Warcraft board game with a friend I have not seen in a while.

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Friday, October 3, 2008

Positives Wednesday October 1, 2008 and Thursday October 2, 2008

*Helped my Dad drive my Mom to my brother’s house. My Mom is helping my brother’s family with their newborn.

*Realized I raise my voice when I’m angry or frustrated which I’m really not. I’m learning to speak calm at all times.

*Watered my Mom’s garden while my Mom was at my brother’s house.

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Clarifying A Couple Of Misunderstandings

Two questions for the blog entry regarding people misunderstanding me.

Man, you're angry and talking loud. It's scary :O What are you pissed off at? It's no big deal. I know it's not a big deal. I'm not really pissed off. Really, I'm not. I'm speaking the truth.

The misunderstanding is I raise my voice unnecessarily. I tend to raise my voice even when I'm ticked off at the littlest stuff. I'm really not pissed off. I know it's not going to matter one year from now. It's a family attribute passed on to me portraying me raising my voice pissed off which I'm really not pissed off. Thanks, Dad =P Yeah, many people misinterpret me as a psycho person who gets pissed off at anything. I'm an easy going guy who forgives and forgets the big stuff and the small stuff.

My face shows my anger easily and straightforward. In 99.9% of the situations, inside me, my heart is not pounding and my stress level is not going up. Trust me. It's my face portraying the wrong anger, the wrong frustrations for most big problems which are really small and forgettable hours later or the next day.

To prevent the misunderstanding in terms of any negative feeling including anger, frustration, and betrayal, I keep my voice calm and cool. I maintain a calm speak tone, except when I'm happy of course ^__^ Be calm. Be calm, act calm, think calm. And remember to breath :O

Are you a quiet person? In a few situations, yes, I'm a quiet person, such as when I'm with a group of people I never met before and in a meeting. The two situations I mention I'm quiet because I observe the whos, the whats, the wheres, the whys, and the hows within a group of people. It's who I am. I acquire the information I'm witnessing in the social or professional situation. I behave, speak, and think appropriately after I receive information.

I'm not a quiet person. Sometimes I'm a loud person who talks too loud, LOL. My loudness is another topic *hee, hee* And my uncontrollable laughter =] I'm working on beating my scary or wimpy attitude and becoming more proactive and taking the initiative. I'm creating action truly and I'm not just saying to create action. I'm consciously finding ways to act anywhere and anytime. And I'm not shy!!!

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Positives Monday September 29, 2008 and Tuesday September 30, 2008

*Worked at home for half a day. I’m old school meaning I work at work and I relax at home; however, I’m trying to bring variety to my life recently

*Completed a full workout using a new workout plan for the first time and using the new workout plan for the second time

*Picked up my Mom from my brother’s house after work

*Started researching for my new PC planned for completion before December 31, 2008

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Monday, September 29, 2008

Questioning Attending Anime Con

Sat Sep 27 and Sun Sep 28 I attended Yaoi Con in San Mateo, CA. It was my second time attending Yaoi Con. The first minutes I walked inside the hotel lobby, I experienced con burnout, and I had not picked up my registration and badge yet =| Objectively speaking, the con was good. There was a good amount of cosplayers, I hung out with some of my friends, and I met new people. The bishi auction was little interesting; however, the women and gay men enjoyed the auction. Some of the skits were really good the individual(s) devoted hours to practice and to rehearse. I purchased dojinshi for the first time.

The downside was personal. I brought three cosplays and I never got into character when the photo opportunity happened. Very sad ;__; I messed up a few opportunities. I could have messed up more if it was not for my friends stepping up and telling me what to do. Also, I was not aggressive taking cosplay pics. I don't know the total cosplay pics I took currently. My gut feeling tells me it's fewer than the total at 2006 Yaoi Con. And I felt out of place because almost all of the attendees were younger than me. I could not relate to them or open myself up compared to past cons. I can't put the feeling in words. My con charisma and con enthusiasm were nonexistent =(

Here are some questions relating to Yaoi Con and anime conventions. For the record, I attended 32 anime conventions since 1997.

What is con burnout? Con burnout is an anime fan who lost the fun factor at anime cons The anime fan done everything at cons including shopping at dealer's room, watching videos, attending panels, playing tabletop or video games, cosplaying, watching concerts, watching anime music videos, and watching the masquerade. There is nothing more the con burnout anime fan can do. The anime fan has the feeling the anime cons is just the same year after year after year.

You experienced con burnout, yet 2008 Yaoi Con is your second time at Yaoi Con. What happened? The first minutes I walked in the hotel lobby I knew 2008 Yaoi Con is going to be the same like 2006 Yaoi Con. There was nothing new for me. There were cosplay gatherings which was awkward at a small con. The Bleach cosplay gathering was good. The CLAMP cosplay gathering I heard never happened because of miscommunication.

Furthermore, I checked in the hotel room like past cons, got my registration and badge at registration like past cons, and unloaded my cosplays in my hotel room like past cons. There was no new feeling for me to make me happy at 2008 Yaoi Con.

Could your identity crisis be a factor? My identity crisis was not a factor.

What were the positives at Yaoi Con? I met new people, hung out with some of my friends, caught up with a few friends I have not seen in a long time, and purchased dojinshi for the first time. Yeeeeeeeah!!! Roooooah!!! Waoooooooh!!!!

Do you have any interest in yaoi? I don't have any interest in yaoi.

Why did you attend Yaoi Con? I attended 2008 Yaoi Con because I wanted to attend a con with mature anime fans and to hang out with my friends and to meet new people. Being with friends is good. Not into Yaoi is bad; unfortunately, a waste of time for me :[ Nobody's fault personally.

Side Note: Yaoi Con is an age 18 and over anime con strictly enforced.

Are you going to attend Yaoi Con in the future? No more Yaoi Con. Without my friends, I cancelled my hotel reservation Saturday afternoon or stayed inside the room and watch cable the rest of the evening.

Are you attending any cons in 2009? Fanime Con. And participate in the Cherry Blossom Parade in San Francisco cosplay event. Sac Anime Winter 2009 is a maybe depending on the guest of honor. For me, the less anime conventions I attend the better.

Recently, you have been able to initiate small talk with people and strangers successfully. Unfortunately, you could not do it at Yaoi Con. What were the reasons you could not? Good question. I don't know. I repeat what I said earlier. Age factor me being older and my con charisma and con enthusiasm were nonexistent. It could be the weather as I was sweating many times, hunger (I ate lunch late and dinner was a salad), and lack of activities not related to yaoi.

Another possibility is I'm an old school anime fan. Today's younger anime fans find anime DVDs easily in many retail stores such as Best Buy and manga in many book stores such as Borders. My generation of anime fans we watched anime in VHS and shopped at comic book stores and there was no manga translated in English. The generation gap is most likely the reason I have trouble relating to today's younger anime fans. I talk differently, my attitude is more mature, and the connection when I communicate with the younger anime fans is like I speak a foreign language to them. The younger anime fans have more free time for anime while I have little free time for anime.

When I talk to the younger anime fans, they initiate the conversation with me, and when the subject of age is talked, the younger anime fans think I'm in my mid-20s whether I wear my cosplay or not.

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