Friday, July 23, 2010

Positives Fri July 9-Thur July 22, 2010

*Attended Paul McCartney's Up And Coming Tour at AT&T Park.

*Ate cold Pop Tarts and Baby Ruth Crisp candy bar, and drank Lipton Pure Leaf Green Tea With Honey for the first time.

*Finished watching the anime series Durarara, Angel Beats, and Working.

*Watched Inception movie. Sweet dreams XD I also watched This Is Spinal Tap. That was a stupid funny movie!

*Tried Baby Ruth crisp candy bar.

*Cooked using Harris Ranch marinade for the first time.

*My PC crashed. I installed Windows 7, the first time I use the latest operation system. I also purchased a new hard drive. My current hard drive was low on memory. Thanks to Appu and my dad for assistance.

*Updated my Yelp.

I Continue To Innovate And Change Innovating Common Knowledge

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Random Timeline

I share a random event or moment starting with 1980.

1980: I was captain of a group of kids in an actual train at a park in Alameda, CA.

1981: It was the year I started to attend a public school in second grade.

1982: I ate at Chuck E. Cheese for the first time.

1983: My family and I moved to a new house.

1984: I played GI JOE toys.

1985: My family went without air conditioning throughout the summer.

1986: My brother and I played arcade games every Saturday.

1987: I received my first stereo boombox.

1988: My first visit to a waterslide park in Manteca, CA.

1989: I biked to and from high school.

1990: I played Shadowrun, my first RPG.

1991: I got my driver's license.

1992: My brother and I got the Super Nintendo.

1993: I went biking from my house to Los Gatos during the summers.

1994: I got my first email address, a San Jose State account.

1995: A summer full of activities: whitewater rafting, Raging Water waterslide park, Santa Barbara, and Yosemite.

1996: My first retail job working at Blockbuster Video.

1997: Visited Grand Canyon and Las Vegas for the first time.

1998: My first real job working as a research analyst.

1999: Purchased my first stocks.

2000: My first and only experience inside a full nude strip club.

2001: Anime Expo took place in Long Beach, CA.

2002: My Dad, brother, sister in-law, and I went to a San Francisco Giants game.

2003: Two weddings in Southern California. In between, my family and I went to Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, and the Grand Canyon.

2004: I wore a costume to an anime convention for the first time.

2005: I visited Canada, my first foreign country.

2006: I started to meet new people and make new friends.

2007: I started working at Cisco.

2008: I started to grow up.

2009: My braces were removed.

2010: Back to school. I'm taking accounting classes at De Anza college.

I Continue To Innovate And Change Innovating Common Knowledge

Friday, July 9, 2010

Positives Thur June 3-Thur July 8, 2010

*Watched animation and short movies at De Anza Film Animation show. Then some of us went to Outback Steakhouse. It was my second time at Outback. The food was actually good. It was a wonderful night afterwards.

*Danced the Rumba for the first time.

*New workout schedule when I have short time. I split my exercises into arms one day and cardio and legs another day. My workout schedule continues to improve.

*Cooked steak with garlic & bell pepper spice. I'm trying new spices.

*Ate at Potsticker King for the first time. The potstickers are huge.

*Finished Spring '10 quarter.

*Played Pandemic board game for the first time.

*Attended Anime Expo '10 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Good con. After AX, we visited Little Tokyo and Harris Ranch restaurant and inn.

*Won my first Mah Jong (Riichi) round.

*Cleaned and rearranged my room.

I Continue To Innovate And Change Innovating Common Knowledge