Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Positives Tue Dec 8, 2020-Tue Jan 5, 2021

*Ate Lindt Chocolate, vanilla yogurt with chocolate chips, and Tate's Bake Shop cookies for the first time.

*Applied Every Man Jack Face Lotion And Post Shave lotion for the first time.

*Sold my eBay auctions.

*Purchased a pop-up clothes hamper.

*San Jose State University Spartans won the 2020 Mountain West Championship. I purchased a championship Mountain West t-shirt.

*Finished playing Final Fantasy VI.

*Updated my webpage Innovate Infinitely.

*Vacuumed with a Shark vacuum cleaner for the first time.

*Watched Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman 1984, Eight Men Out, and The Secret Of NIMH.

*LED White Tape Light Strip. Used the strip as ambient backlighting while I'm on the computer.