Thursday, December 31, 2015

Positives Sat Dec 28-Wed Dec 30, 2015

*Watched A Christmas Story, San Andreas, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I, and Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens.

*Backed Luxor 2 Flashlight from Kickstarter.

*Ate Special K Vanilla Almond cereal, pumpkin pound cake, and Applewood Bacon broiling in the oven for the first time.

*Completed my first data analyst consulting assignment.

*Washed my hair with Head & Shoulders Old Spice for the first time.

*Purchased a Surefire 6P LED bulb replacement and an Owl Tac Flashlight.

*Played four round Mahjong (Riichi) for the first time.

*Watched training videos on Agile.

*Fixed my headliner tearing off in my car using carpet tape.

*Cleaned the house.

*Satisfied reading Key Performance Indicators by David Parmenter.

*Phone interviewed for a Business/Data Analyst position.

*Merry Christmas.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Teaser Week

I'm blogging Mon Nov 30 to Sat Dec 5 activities at Finding Raymond Mar because I promised myself no more daily activity blogs at my Innovating Common Knowledge blog. Anything goes at Finding Raymond Mar.

Job Searching. I received two calls for two promising contract jobs. These jobs add strength to my resume. I followed up with emails after initials calls and initials emails. No response back.

No Gym. I experienced sick like symptoms which were fatigue, loss of appetite, and diarrhea. No gym Tue Dec 1-Thur Dec 3. Mon Nov 30 was errands day. The end result was bloating. I started to feel better Sat evening. I worked out at the gym Fri Dec 4 and Sat Dec 5.

Hong Kong Mahjong. A Mahjong host sent a notice to local Mahjong players he was organizing a game on Sun Dec 6. He notified everyone he might cancel because he was sick. It was the second time he was sick when he sent an invite. The first time he cancelled. I didn't RSVP. He's not cancelling. A full house is expected later today.

Nobody Wants To Hang Out With Me. I emailed three of my friends to gather before Christmas. Two of the three are a no go because of other obligations. I believe it's something else which has something to do with me beyond my control. Honestly, I do my best to be good company in front of people. The third friend is on a business trip. He may be free Sat Dec 19.

On the other hand, teasers in my favor: The Green Bay Packers defeated the Detroit Lions after the Packers were down 20-0. The Miracle In Motown play won the game for the Packers 27-23. I predict the Green Bay Packers to be the 2015-2015 NFL Champions winning the Super Bowl.

I'm selling items on eBay. I researched sellers selling the Surefire 6P flashlight. I discovered a LED light bulb replacing the incandescent bulb. I purchased a knock-off from China for $8. I take the gamble. Nobody is buying the 6P flashlight. The primary reason is the incandescent bulb lasts for 60 minutes.