Thursday, February 25, 2010

Positives Fri Jan 12-Thur Feb 25, 2010

*Learned how to use the DVR player.

*Watched X-Men for the second time on DVD. I thought I never saw the first X-Men. I actually did. I want to watch X-Men II, the best out of the triology.

*Car maintenance: tire rotation, tire balance, alignment check, coolant flush, transmission flush, oil change, and fuel injection cleaner.

I Continue To Innovate Innovating Common Knowledge

Friday, February 12, 2010

Positives Fri Jan 22-Thur Feb 11, 2010

*Found a IHOP restaurant closer to my home and is open 24hrs on Fri and Sat.

*Finished Umineko No Naru Koro Ni, The Sacred Blacksmith, and Nyan Koi.

*Ran 6.2mph on the treadmill, the fastest for me.

*Ate a Cliff energy bar after workout. The protein bars are expensive $-(

*Went salsa dancing at a free salsa lesson. I try to attend as many times I can.

*Attended City Lights Ballroom dance event.

*Purchased egg rolls at King Egg Rolls.

*Super Bowl XLIV. Great game! Ate pizza rolls, Tim's Potato Chips, and a chocolate soda for the first time.

*Sang a song for my midterm singing class.

*Went to Psycho Donuts for breakfast. Big, crazy donuts.

*Watched Avatar.

I Continue To Innovate Innovating Common Knowledge