Thursday, January 27, 2011

Quiz: My All Time Favorite . . .

My answers are posted at a later date.

1. Anime?
a. Fullmetal Alchemist
b. Magic Knights Rayearth
c. Sailor Moon

2. Classic Video Game?
a. Space Invaders
b. Pac Man
c. Gauntlet II

3. Anime Con?
a. Anime Expo 2003
b. Fanime Con 2009
c. Anime Expo 2005

4. Cookie?
a. Chocolate chip cookie
b. Sugar cookie
c. Peanut butter

5. Soda?
a. Coke
b. Pepsi
c. 7-UP

6. Semester At San Jose State?
a. Fall ‘92
b. Spring ‘95
c. Fall ‘96

7. Board Game?
a. Settlers Of Catan
b. Life
c. Alhambra

8. Disney Movie?
a. Beauty And The Beast
b. UP!
c. Toy Story

9. Color?
a. Red
b. Blue
c. White

10. Vacation Spot?
a. Las Vegas
b. Disneyland
c. Grand Canyon

11. *bonus* Race In StarCraft?
a. Protoss
b. Terran
c. Zerg

Always Innovating and Changing Innovating Common Knowledge

Friday, January 21, 2011

Positives Thur Jan 6-Thur Jan 20, 2011

*Drank JAL Sky Time, a drink served in the JAL or Japanese airlines airplanes.

*Played Perplex City for the first time. I purchased Perplex City. Thank you mDuo13 for the recommendation.

*Ate Trade Joe’s frozen pizza Pizza Palermo’s, Melty Blend candy, and Cinnamon Blast Cheerios for the first time. I also ate Total cereal for the first time since I was a child. There was a $2 cereal sale I take advantage to eat different cereals.

*Watched Chinatown, Grease, and Rear Window movies.

*Finished anime series for fall season: Ika Musume, MM!, and Soredemo Machi Wa Mawatteiru.

*In Mountain View, I ate at New Mongolian BBQ, walked around downtown for the first time since I was a child, and the Mountain View Cal Train station moment was very memorable.

Always Innovating and Changing Innovating Common Knowledge

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Our Differences Between Them, You, And Me

I got this blog idea last night in bed. It’s obvious everyone is different in many ways. We have different interests, different hobbies, different beliefs, different careers, different intelligence, different emotions, different physical features, different personalities, etc. We are unique, and our individual uniqueness defines our differences.

Why are you blogging an obvious observation?

The friends I spend time with the most our strongest commonality are anime, video games, computers, board games, and anything related to the anime hobby; however, I am the lowest common denominator among them. In other words, they have a stronger interest, a stronger connection, a bigger desire in our commonality than I do. I’m fortunate we have our Friday night hangouts and they invite me to events they know I have a good time. They don’t invite me to video game tournaments because they know I’m not going to have fun since I play on a causal level.

You have more friends in addition to the guys

I have other friends. I spend less time with them. They’re either busy with other activities, busy with commitments, and/or busy with their closer friends. When we do gather, they more we know each other, the more we earn our friendships, the more we become closer, then the more we spend more time. Also, there are moments and events I meet new people and make new friends. The new friends I make we may become friends at a faster rate because the connection develops quicker.

I’m fortunate and happy that all my friends share parts of who I am. The guys and I spend time on anime, computers, and board games. I have another group I play board games. And I have another group we go dancing (although we haven’t danced in a long time).

I want to meet more people and make new friends. For example, I want to have friends share my other hobbies including hiking and cooking. I want to meet new people who have the desire to go outside and do something new such as visit a new place for the first time. I want to meet people who ice skate. My desire to ice skate happened in March 2010. The bottom line is I want to meet new people and make new friends to share my other hobbies, satisfy my other desires, and match my personality (more importantly, no jerks, bitches, and assholes). The guys have friends outside our Fri night hangouts.

There is no guarantee

I was naive years ago. I thought I get along with everyone I know and meet. If I follow Dale Carnegie’s human relation rules, I always succeed. I don’t succeed. For example, my dumb ass co-worker at Colliers International. We never got along. He was stupid and childish. He was someone I don’t want to be. There are lots of people I meet I have no connection for a good reason. The few people I meet and have the connection I look forward to developing a casual, professional, or personal relationship.

Still growing up, still learning

It’s getting better. I’m getting better. I still have lots to learn, adventures to seek, experiences to experience, and wisdom to gain. In time, I’m going to achieve being a good guy. Good guys seek and attract people. After I accomplish being a good guy ten times better than today, I continue to learn, seek adventures, find new experiences, and expand my wisdom.

Side note: The blog was initially for Innovating Common Knowledge. I changed my mind to post at Finding Raymond Mar because the more I wrote, added, and deleted, the more it became personal. I choose to keep the original title.

Always Innovating and Changing Innovating Common Knowledge

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Positives Sat Dec 25, 2010-Wed Jan 5, 2011

*Christmas Day. Celebrated with my parents, brother’s family, and one of my uncle’s family from Southern California.

*Also on Christmas Day, we drank cranberry sparkling cider for the first time.

*Tried eggnog and a blueberry tart for the first time.

*Rode the cable car in San Francisco for the first time. We rode from Market and Powell to Hyde and Beach.

*Repaired my crack on my windshield. Insurance paid for the repair.

*Got new maps for my car. Three years was a good time to update my road maps. I think four years could be good.

*Finished reading Lord Of The Flies by William Golding.

*First Day Of School. I’m taking Intermediate Accounting Part 2, Introduction To Business, and Social Dance.

*Played Guesstures and Set board games for the first time.

Always Innovating and Changing Innovating Common Knowledge

Saturday, January 1, 2011

What Were Your Raymond Mar Life Key Moments?

There are moments in my life I realized something new. It was like I powered up in a video game or leveled up playing role playing games. It was like I earned a promotion in Raymond Mar. I became a new person. I became wiser. My soul became brighter. Life was going my way. I earned more luck and good fortunes.

Here are the key moments in my life that changed me and continues to influence me today since 2000:

*September 2002: My co-worker at Colliers introduced me to Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad book. I became interested in reading books and learning financial education. Other moments included buying and selling on eBay and my manager was fired. The lesson I learned when my manager was fired was if you’re a nobody, you’re going to be treated as a nobody.

*September 2004: I wore a costume for the first time in an anime convention. I have worn a costume thereafter. I attend anime conventions with friends, meeting new people, and making new friends. I meet new people and make new friends even outside anime conventions.

*October 2008: I realized I must grow up. I must act and behave as a grown up. I must wise up and stop acting naive. I continue to grow up and catch up from the years I was an idiot.

*December 2010: 2010 continues from October 2008. There are new experiences, new adventures, and new knowledge in the years to come.

Always Innovating and Changing Innovating Common Knowledge