Friday, August 28, 2009

Positives Mon Aug 24-Thur Aug 28, 2009

*Figured out my cell phone plays mp3s. I save the mp3 files in My Sounds instead of My Music =P Also customized the wallpaper and colors. I never customized my past cell phones.

*Watched Citizen Kane. Great movie!

*Drank orange flavored Ramune.

*Ate Milky Way and dark Milky Way candy bars. I couldn't eat Milky Way when I wore braces.

*Finished Q&A by Vikas Swarup. Q&A inspired the movie Slumdog Millionaire. The book is good. Courageous, sad, brave, and creepy. The problems in India are similar almost everywhere.

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Positives Thur July 30-Sun Aug 23, 2009

*Watched my sister compete in the International Ballroom Challenge. She won 1st and 3rd place in her competitions!

*Watched Transformers 2, UP! for the second time, and District 9 in the movie theatres. And I watched All Quiet In The Western Front (1930) at home.

*Ate a Cinnabon for the first time. I declare a Cinnabon the apology food. Give a Cinnabon as a complement to apologize, to say you're sorry, to someone.

*Hiked at Castle Rock State Park with Bash and gmontem. The next hike is either in San Francisco or another trail in Castle Rock leading to Goat Rock.

*Drank Thai ice tea for the first time at a Thai restaurant. The last time I ate Thai was in 1999. Spicy food!

*Started to read Inkheart by Cornelia Funke and The Princess Bride by William Goldman.

*Completed minor room adjustments including my dresser. There was extra space on top of the dresser after I transferred the data from floppy disks to a CD.

*Celebrated my birthday with family and friends. For my family, we ate pizza, corn on the cob, and ice cream cake at my brother's house. I tried Dr. Pepper for the first time. I must remember to bring my Gamecube controllers ^__^ For my friends, we ate at a Thai restaurant.

*Visited my dermatologist for an emergency appointment. Needed treatment for dermatitis and eczema.

*Played Weiss Schwarz for the first time, a Japanese card game with anime characters. Also purchased my own Weiss Schwarz card set. My set is from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers.

*Attended the San Jose Jazz Festival, my first jazz festival.

*Ate a cinnamon raisin bagel for the first time. I don't like raisins; however, raisins tasted good in the bagel.

*Registered for classes at De Anza for Fall '09. I'm taking Financial Accounting I and Social Dance. Maybe accounting is my second major.

*Zapped Those Enemies! Played laser tag at Laser Qwest with Chun., mDuo13, Spiritsnare, mDuo13, and Tsubasa.

*Got a haircut with the setting at zero for the first time because . . .

*. . . I debuted my cosplay Ikkaku Madarame from Bleach at the Nor Cal Cosplay Picnic in Kelley Park in San Jose.

*Celebrated my Dad's birthday and his new job at my cousin's Japanese restaurant in Pinole.

*Purchased new socks, the ankle size socks. I also purchased a new hiking hat from REI.

*One of my happiest days in my life. My braces were removed. I wore my braces Jan 24, 2007-Aug 17, 2009, a span of 936 days or 2.56 years. I wear a retainer for at least two years. The retainer is actually the invisible braces Invisalign. I'm applying Crest Whitestripes to whiten my teeth. The braces were worth it!!! Smile :))

*Cleaned and rearranged the DVD shelf in the family room.

*Broiled chicken using the Trader Joe's 21 Salute Spice mix.

*Ate dinner at Curry House. The last time I ate curry was when I wore my braces early in my treatment. Curry stains my braces.

*Had lunch with a classmate from De Anza in my Business Plan class in Winter'06.

*Ate at The Olive Garden restaurant with family, my brother's family, and my uncle and aunt.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

An Example I'm Growing Up

Blogger's Note: The blog applies to both Innovating Common Knowledge and Finding Raymond Mar blogs.

Mon August 3 was my birthday. I celebrated my birthday with my family and my friends. My family and I celebrated at my brother's house. We ate pizza, corn on the cob, and an ice cream cake. The pizza was something different. We always ate at a restaurant. And my friends and I went out for Thai food and we hung out afterwards eating Beard Papa's eclairs.

I forgot the last time I celebrated my birthday with anyone. My past birthdays were sad I didn't celebrate it. Some people believe birthdays are just another day. I believed that during my college years and thereafter. I realized I was wrong after I began to grow up. Birthdays are like a personal holiday. Birthdays are the day you choose what and how to have fun. You choose the people to share your personal holiday.

Birthdays are not just another day. I was a child my family came to celebrate another Raymond Mar's fun year of living. I received gifts and toys, ate a big dinner, and ate birthday cake. Birthdays are happy days, especially getting the GI JOE and Transformers I wanted.

I'm growing up now. I corrected the mistake birthdays are just another day. Birthdays are special days I celebrate. People who wish you a happy birthday think about you and remember who you are. Gifts are optional since my house has lots of stuff, lol ;) My birthday I do something different. I take a break from my everyday life and do something special. I forget my worries and my problems. I'm unemployed so my specials were minimal. And I take a moment to reflect what I did from my birthday and my last birthday. What did I do wrong and how do I correct? What did I do correct and how do I improve or innovate? What adventures I did and what new adventures do I want?

The idea, the concept of birthdays as a kid is the same as an adult. The day is your special day. People celebrate your birthday with you. They have fun with you. They laugh with you. They remind you that life is really not that bad.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Isn't It Time To Update The Intro?

Yup, time to update the intro.

I'm Raymond Mar. I'm unemployed, live with my parents. I'm still growing up. I'm lucky I realize I need to and I am! Everyone has problems. I'm lucky my problems are really not that bad. I still seek new adventures, learn new skills, and meet new people and make new friends. I'm one of millions of people who don't know what to do. You're not alone. I have a positive and optimistic attitude. I'm loosening up. Never take anything and anyone for granted.

Here is the old one:

My name is Raymond Mar, and I’m still growing up. I have two life desires. My first desire is closing the holes currently in my life. I want more experiences, learn new skills, and live life with more stories to share. My second desire is to meet new people and make new friends. I continue to make mistakes and I learn when realized. I have a positive and optimistic attitude. My behavior is maturing. My wisdom is growing. Never take anything and anyone for granted.

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