Monday, August 10, 2009

An Example I'm Growing Up

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Mon August 3 was my birthday. I celebrated my birthday with my family and my friends. My family and I celebrated at my brother's house. We ate pizza, corn on the cob, and an ice cream cake. The pizza was something different. We always ate at a restaurant. And my friends and I went out for Thai food and we hung out afterwards eating Beard Papa's eclairs.

I forgot the last time I celebrated my birthday with anyone. My past birthdays were sad I didn't celebrate it. Some people believe birthdays are just another day. I believed that during my college years and thereafter. I realized I was wrong after I began to grow up. Birthdays are like a personal holiday. Birthdays are the day you choose what and how to have fun. You choose the people to share your personal holiday.

Birthdays are not just another day. I was a child my family came to celebrate another Raymond Mar's fun year of living. I received gifts and toys, ate a big dinner, and ate birthday cake. Birthdays are happy days, especially getting the GI JOE and Transformers I wanted.

I'm growing up now. I corrected the mistake birthdays are just another day. Birthdays are special days I celebrate. People who wish you a happy birthday think about you and remember who you are. Gifts are optional since my house has lots of stuff, lol ;) My birthday I do something different. I take a break from my everyday life and do something special. I forget my worries and my problems. I'm unemployed so my specials were minimal. And I take a moment to reflect what I did from my birthday and my last birthday. What did I do wrong and how do I correct? What did I do correct and how do I improve or innovate? What adventures I did and what new adventures do I want?

The idea, the concept of birthdays as a kid is the same as an adult. The day is your special day. People celebrate your birthday with you. They have fun with you. They laugh with you. They remind you that life is really not that bad.

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