Saturday, September 29, 2012

Positives Sat Sep 15-Fri Sep 28, 2012

*Reconfigured my aunt's new laptop.

*Updated my web page Innovate Infinitely.

*Interviewed for an open position at San Jose State. I also took a pretest interview.

*Ate at Mi La Cay and Bombay Garden restaurants for the first time.

*National Ice Cream Day. I ate a Baskin-Robbins soft serve ice cream for the first time.

*Finished reading Microsoft Visio 2007 Step By Step by Judy Lemke and Resources Online.

*Played Tzaar board game and Cards Against Humanity card game for the first time.

Monday, September 17, 2012

My Open Cover Letter

Blogger's note: I choose to post my open cover letter at both my blogs to increase my chances of someone who's interested in hiring me. My resume is available to prospective employers.

September 17, 2012

Dear World,

I worked as an analyst for over 10 years: 8.5+ years in commercial real estate and 1.5 years in technology. I was the proactive worker solving problems. I made the working days easier with my positive attitude and the stability such that I was missed working somewhere else. My experience and background:

•Statistics. I calculated statistics monthly and quarterly using Excel, Access, Crystal Reports, and MySQL.
•Analysis. I studied them, interpreted them, and communicated the results such that anyone could understand--the bottom line in plain English.
•Reporting. I extracted the data to create marketing reports for the clients. I created internal reports for management and stakeholders. Ad hoc reporting and last minute presentations were easier with templates.
•Research. I find information for the brokers. I researched on the internet including subscribed information databases and online resources. I choose relevant information for their client's requirements.
•Database Administration. Data entry and database maintenance were a daily responsibility in the Research Dept. I maintained my Proposal Experts' internal database.
•Audits. I audited the internal database between the data and my team's individual records. I checked their information with the database followed by verifying and correcting with them. I sent a monthly report of all the contracts and account managers we supported.
•Never Stop Innovating. I always find ways to improve. I do it better continuously. It's second nature.

My highlights working at my technology company were cleaning up the data, sending weekly and monthly audit & ad hoc reports, and publishing quarterly reports. I was responsible for extracting the data, calculating the statistics, and analyzing the results. I used Excel, Access, Crystal Reports, PowerPoint, and SQL. I increased the number of surveys submitted for the satisfaction survey every month instead of every quarter.

At my commercial real estate company, I calculated monthly and quarterly statistics, maintained the database, and created marketing reports. I expanded the Research Dept. providing technical support, training in real estate software programs, and researching companies to create a jack-of-all-trades dept. I completed up to 95% of all my broker requests in one business day because I always find better ways to complete my responsibilities.

For example, I expanded my Excel skills and I learned SQL to calculate weighted average asking rents faster and update standard monthly reports in seconds. My knowledge in graphics and Photoshop propelled me to edit building photos for the database and modify marketing email campaigns. The bottom line was I wanted to give the brokers first-class service and accurate information for their clients.

I earned an AA degree in Accounting. I learned business knowledge from an accounting point of view. I'm a better worker combining that with a BS in Economics thinking analytically. Despite going back to school, life continues every day. I started to read fiction books, learned ballroom dancing, and hiked in the trails around the San Francisco Bay Area. I visited new places for the first time including the Golden Gate Bridge, Angel Island, and Hoover Tower in Stanford University. I became interested in classic jazz, board games including mahjong, and eating new foods. I re-learned Excel, PowerPoint, and Crystal Reports. I self-taught myself MySQL and Visio. Learning new skills never ends. Bruce Lee said it best, " Even today, I dare not say that I have reached a state of achievement. I'm still learning, for learning is boundless."

I'm looking for an analyst position for databases, reporting, contracts, and analysis. I'm also looking for a support position such as supporting a sales team or supporting a dept. to let the big players concentrate on the moneymaking opportunities; in other words, I worry about the little things. My ideal working conditions include the following:

•Open Office. I like to see, hear, and talk to my co-workers. Cubicles are no problem as long as there is some kind of openness.
•Loudness. Continuing from the first bullet point, I like to hear conversations, jokes, and music, as well as work socializing. Background noise is good.
•Working With Others. I believe working together is the best way to complete responsibilities and tasks. We help each other when one of us needs help. We channel our minds together learning from each other. Moreover, we also get to know each other better.
•Music Helps Me Think. I listen to classic rock, classic jazz, classical music, and big bands at work.
•I'm Here To Work. I prefer to work at the company. Telecommuting is okay under a few circumstances.
•There Is Always Something To Do. It's hard for me to be bored. I'm doing something, anything. I'm at my cubicle working on a deadline, completing my to do list, finishing secondary tasks, or talking with co-workers.

My desire is to meet new people, learn new skills, and grow. I want to do my best for my team and my dept. to stay together for years. My working values are team chemistry is more important than a smart team, the procedure is more important than the final result, and action speaks louder than words. I never criticize, condemn, and complain. I work smarter, not harder. Businesses prosper and grow when people support each other and information is communicated swiftly and efficiently.

Thank you for taking the time to consider me. I look forward to your response.


Raymond Mar

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Positives Wed Aug 29-Fri Sep 14, 2012

*Finished reading Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Step By Step by Joyce Cox and Joan Preppernau and Excel 2007 Step By Step by Curtis Frye.

*Hiked at Portola Redwoods State Park for the first time.

*Celebrated my dad's birthday with family.

*Replaced broken headlight on my car.

*Completed orthodontic work on my teeth. Yearly checkups continue.

*Read The Preserving Machine by Philip K. Dick.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Share some places you have visited. Here we go:

Hiking: Uvas Canyon, Shoreline, Plugas Ridge, Los Trancos, Castle Rock, Pinnacles National Monument, Monte Bello, Edgewood Park, Portola Redwoods.

Household Name Places: Disneyland, Las Vegas, San Diego Zoo, Seaworld, Santa Cruz Boardwalk, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Space Needle, Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Universal Studios.

San Francisco: Fisherman's Wharf, Pier 39, Embarcadero, Ghirardelli Square, Coit Tower, Telegraph Hill, Treasure Island, Japantown, Yerba Buena Gardens, South Park, Chinatown, Union Square, China Basin, AT&T Park, Candlestick Park, Musee Mecanique, California Academy Of Science, Alemany Farmer's Market, Golden Gate Bridge, Crissy Field, Angel Island, Rode Cable Car.

Anime Conventions: Fanime, Anime Expo, Animation On Display, Yaoi Con, Japantowne Anime Faire, SacAnime. Also WonderCon.

States: Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Arizona.