Monday, May 17, 2010

Positives Fri Apr 30-Sun May 16, 2010

*Routine house checks. I checked the first aid kid for expired medications and drugs. I checked the flashlight batteries.

*Updated my webpage I uploaded pics from the 2010 San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival cosplay pics.

*Played four player Weiss Schwarz beta version.

*Attended ballroom dance lessons at San Jose State.

*Visited San Francisco.

*Celebrated Mother's Day.

*Tried Frost Glacier Freeze flavor Gatorade.

*Wore shorts in college lecture classes for the first time. PE classes excluded.

*Created rule #6 in my daily life rules: Breath with your nose and stand up straight.

*Worked out using my freeweights workout plan for the first time since around Nov '09.

*Signed up to be a member for Kinokuniya Bookstore. I get a 10% discount.

I Continue To Innovate And Change Innovating Common Knowledge

Friday, May 7, 2010

Answers To The Answers Are All In The Numbers

Here are the answers:

1. How many years did it take to graduate with a BS in Economics from San Jose State University?
a. 4 years
b. 5 years
c. 5.5 years (I could have graduated in 5 years if I didn't change majors from mathematics to economics.)
d. 7 years

2. What was the mileage on my car the last time I changed oil on Feb 25, 2010?
a. 35,000
b. 36,489
c. 37,374 (I use Castrol motor oil and Fram oil filters.)
d. 39,976

3. What grade was I when I received my first kiss?
a. First grade (I accept "a".)
b. Fifth grade
c. Ninth grade
d. Tenth grade

4. What was the first Super Bowl I watched? (Numbers are not roman numerials)
a. 15
b. 17
c. 18
d. 21

5. What is my favorite number?
a. 1
b. 10
c. 40
d. 55

6. How many days did I wear my braces?
a. 555
b. 698
c. 936 (I love my new smile.)
d. 1,054

7. How many jazz CDs do I own?
a. 5
b. 9
c. 11
d. 18

8. What year did I visit a foreign country for the first time?
a. 2001
b. 2004
c. 2005 (Washington Canada trip where I visited Victoria and Vancouver.)
d. 2007

9. How many anime conventions did I attend? (Wonder Con '06 is included.)
a. 24
b. 29
c. 33 (13 Fanime Con, 10 Anime Expo, and more.)
d. 36

10. What is my favorite engine?
a. V4
b. V6 (I accept "b".)
c. V8

I Continue To Innovate And Change Innovating Common Knowledge