Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Positives Sun Mar 24-Mon Apr 22, 2019

*Refreshed my needle and thread skills repair my gym armband.

*Quick vacuum upstairs and downstairs and mop downstairs floors.

*Flashlight, first-aid kit, and smoke detectors checked.

*Watched Blockers (2018), Dodgeball, Cinderella Liberty, John Wick Chapter 2, and Iron Man 2.

*Cooked with McCormick's Perfect Pinch Garlic Pepper for the first time.

*Played Mahjong at a Japanese jansou or Mahjong parlor for the first time.

*Ate at Capers Restaurant for the first time.

*Updated my web page Innovate Infinitely.

*Ate Miss Vickie's Sea Salt kettle cooked potato chips and a ramen burger for the first time.

*Car wind shield crack repaired.

*Purchased Town & Country Living Passages comfort mat.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Global Fatigue

Blogger's note: Today's blog is posted at Innovating Common Knowledge and at Finding Raymond Mar. Finding Raymond Mar contains a personal blog entry.

We’re tired because there is too much to do. There is too much everything. There is too much same routines. Welcome to today's information age internet life. Life is too complex. Life requires more resources, more time, most cost. A rising tide raises all boats.

It's time to set limits. There is no more Superman. There is no more Superwoman. It's time for infinite delays. It's time for final endings. We need more retirements. We need to close more chapters. We need to find someone, something, anyone, anything . . . more people, more places, more responsibilities to set free. People are too busy. People are too tired. People must deactivate their automatic reactions. People need to take a breath. Regardless, time is the same. There are still 24 hours a day. There are still seven days a week.

Personal Blog Entry

I admit I'm tired. My life is the same since 2015. I'm unemployed. I live with my parents. I job search six days a week. I learn new job skills and review existing job skills five days a week. I have little friends. I workout at the gym four days a week. My leisure activities are working out at the gym, playing board games, reading books, cooking, maintaining a clean household, watching movies, and watching a little sports on TV.

I try to add variety. I'm not doing enough. My last vacation was September 2016. The last time I went hiking was October 2018 for which it was the only time I hiked in 2018. My priorities have been minimizing spending and maximizing finding a job. Boring. Tiring. When do I concede? When do I give up? When do I declare all hope is lost? It's a judgement call. It's possible I live at home where I grew up my entire life. I'm not the only person experiencing my current life situation.