Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Positives Sun Mar 24-Mon Apr 22, 2019

*Refreshed my needle and thread skills repair my gym armband.

*Quick vacuum upstairs and downstairs and mop downstairs floors.

*Flashlight, first-aid kit, and smoke detectors checked.

*Watched Blockers (2018), Dodgeball, Cinderella Liberty, John Wick Chapter 2, and Iron Man 2.

*Cooked with McCormick's Perfect Pinch Garlic Pepper for the first time.

*Played Mahjong at a Japanese jansou or Mahjong parlor for the first time.

*Ate at Capers Restaurant for the first time.

*Updated my web page Innovate Infinitely.

*Ate Miss Vickie's Sea Salt kettle cooked potato chips and a ramen burger for the first time.

*Car wind shield crack repaired.

*Purchased Town & Country Living Passages comfort mat.

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