Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Answer To The Question How I Live Life

What Is Your Answer?

I live my life to lower my chances of getting Alzheimer’s Disease.

What Do You Mean?

I consistently find new adventures, experience new experiences, meet new people, and get out and do something, anything. I stay physically active such as going to the gym and hiking. And I keep my mind focus such as reading books.

You’re Saying To Stay Active?

Yes. Stay active and do better. Always find ways to change so you be a better person. Never stop innovating your life—innovate infinitely. Never settle for the same routine day after day after day.

No Matter How Big Or How Small.

An active life creates big and small changes, adventures, and experiences. Try new foods, visit a new store, drive a different route from point A to point B, take a vacation, listen to new music, and watch a new TV show are some examples. Find a new hobby such as painting, gardening, and cooking. Hiking is an easy new hobby.

Eating Healthy Is Important, Too.

Absolutely. I like cooking as a hobby because a person can cook healthy meals. Cooking also saves money from eating out. Healthy eating and exercising are required to lower a person’s chances of getting Alzheimer’s.

What Are Some Side Benefits?

My life has fewer stressful moments, almost no boring times since there’s always something to do, I’m open to learn something new, and I smile daily. I stay positive. Make lemonade out of lemons when I have a bad day.

What can a person do tomorrow?

Go outside and do something, anything. First, eat a healthy breakfast. Try a new cereal.

Always Innovating and Changing Innovating Common Knowledge

Monday, July 18, 2011

Positives Fri July 8-Sun July 17, 2011

*Hiked at Shoreline Park for the first time.

*Watched The Maltese Falcon movie at the Stanford Theater.

*Purchased Cribbage board game.

*Updated my webpage uploading the 2011 Nor Cal Cherry Blossom Festival cosplay pics.

*Began taking vitamins daily after breakfast. Thank you tsubasa for the recommendation.

*Car washed.

*Installed 2TB hard drive in my gaming PC.

*Pumice stone. Used the pumice stone to remove dead skin on my feet.

*Played Citadel card game for the first time.

*Attended the Menlo Park Street Fair.

Always Innovating and Changing Innovating Common Knowledge

Friday, July 8, 2011

Positives Sun June 19-Thur July 7, 2011

*Completed De Anza Spring ’11 quarter.

*Car maintenance. Three of my tires had ozone damage. All four were replaced with new tires. And alignment check.

*Attended Anime Expo 2011. Highlights were Hatsune Miku concert, Spirited Away cosplay on the first day, and Fullmetal Alchemist gathering. Lowlights were Valve gathering and getting sick.

*Purchased more Vocaloid CDs and Fullmetal Alchemist art book #3.

*Ate Picola for the first time.

*Upgraded my cell phone to a smartphone Droid X^2.

*Officially graduated De Anza with an AA degree in Accounting.

*Finished reading The Old Man And The Sea by Ernest Hemingway.

Always Innovating and Changing Innovating Common Knowledge