Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Random Timeline

I share a random event or moment starting with 1980.

1980: I was captain of a group of kids in an actual train at a park in Alameda, CA.

1981: It was the year I started to attend a public school in second grade.

1982: I ate at Chuck E. Cheese for the first time.

1983: My family and I moved to a new house.

1984: I played GI JOE toys.

1985: My family went without air conditioning throughout the summer.

1986: My brother and I played arcade games every Saturday.

1987: I received my first stereo boombox.

1988: My first visit to a waterslide park in Manteca, CA.

1989: I biked to and from high school.

1990: I played Shadowrun, my first RPG.

1991: I got my driver's license.

1992: My brother and I got the Super Nintendo.

1993: I went biking from my house to Los Gatos during the summers.

1994: I got my first email address, a San Jose State account.

1995: A summer full of activities: whitewater rafting, Raging Water waterslide park, Santa Barbara, and Yosemite.

1996: My first retail job working at Blockbuster Video.

1997: Visited Grand Canyon and Las Vegas for the first time.

1998: My first real job working as a research analyst.

1999: Purchased my first stocks.

2000: My first and only experience inside a full nude strip club.

2001: Anime Expo took place in Long Beach, CA.

2002: My Dad, brother, sister in-law, and I went to a San Francisco Giants game.

2003: Two weddings in Southern California. In between, my family and I went to Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, and the Grand Canyon.

2004: I wore a costume to an anime convention for the first time.

2005: I visited Canada, my first foreign country.

2006: I started to meet new people and make new friends.

2007: I started working at Cisco.

2008: I started to grow up.

2009: My braces were removed.

2010: Back to school. I'm taking accounting classes at De Anza college.

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