Tuesday, December 16, 2008

If Someone Was To Describe Who You Are, What Does The Person Say?

Hmmm . . . The person says Raymond Mar is a nice guy, a good guy. He's is not a boring guy. The guy has a sense of adventure and wants to try anything new such as visiting new places and trying new foods. For instance, Raymond visited Capitola, visited a popular bakery in Santa Cruz, drank apple cedar for the first time, sang in Rock Band, and is reading fiction since "Catcher In The Rye" a long, long time ago. Raymond realized he must grow up and he has lots to catch up. He never stops meeting new people. The new people he meets he wants them to be themselves so he can learn something from them. He stays away from drama and fakers. If you can't get along with Raymond, it's highly likely something is wrong with you.

Raymond improves himself, innovate himself. Sat Oct 4, 2008 is a day Raymond remembers forever. It was the day he realized he must grow up and he realized he took life for granted. All of his conflicts with family, with work, and with daily life even hanging out with friends disappeared. It's like his spine is free of stress, free of ropes tied in knots. Raymond feels freedom. Raymond feels he has control of his life. Raymond forgives anyone who prevented him from being a better person. Raymond corrects the mistakes from those people.

Some people think Raymond is a weak guy. I don't think so. Raymond was a weak guy when he was a child and when he acted and behaved like a stuck up asshole. Today, he's gaining strength and turning himself around. He seeks help when he needs help and learns from others as best he can. There is a sense of stability, sense of security, sense of optimism, sense of "everything is going to be OK" when people hang around with him. He's not the funniest guy in the world. Recently, he's improving his sense of humor and loosening up.

In his spare time, Raymond watches anime. As a casual anime fan, Raymond watches some of the latest anime, reads selected Japanese comic books (manga), and his favorite activity at anime conventions is cosplaying. He has a small collection of art books, small collection of anime toys such as wall scrolls and figurines, decent collection of DVDs, very small collection of Japanese music (J-Rock and J-Pop), and one PVC figurine. Musicwise, Raymond listens to classic rock, classical music, and classic jazz. Raymond is reading fiction books. He used to read business, leadership, self-help, and technology books. On the web, he has two blogs and one webpage www.innovateinfinitely.com. Raymond stays active working out at the gym three days a week. And Raymond cooks often for his family.

Raymond is a friendly guy and easy to talk to. He has a positive attitude, honest with his feelings, a problem solver, responsible, patient, and always want to learn. Raymond is polite and appreciates others. Raymond is no longer a "sorry no more" guy, a guy who apologizes too much, and a guy who is too nice. Raymond lives mostly with his gut feeling, his intuition. Raymond must realize he has much more potential and he must stop holding back and just let go. He admits he doesn't know himself fully, and some people make observations he never realized he's that kind of a person good and bad. Better days are coming soon. Stay tuned. The modest guy is going to have his moments in time.

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