Sunday, December 21, 2008

Positives Sun Dec 7-Sat Dec 20, 2008

Author's Note: One activity, errand, and event leads to another. I wrote down the positives on paper. I didn't have time to share the last 13 days. Here are the positives latest to earliest.

Sat Dec 20

*Christmas In The Park. Cosplay event in Downtown San Jose. Many of us wore Xmas versions of our cosplays. Got pictures taken from strangers who recognize our cosplays, a glomper glomped two of us including me, onlookers joking where's the party, we rode various carnival rides, everyone met some of us new for the first time, ate treats, and had a blast! Received a phone charm gift from Yukari, my first phone charm ^__^ Received a gift from Barnes who stayed briefly. Gave my phone number and email address to the glomper we saw each other the second time at the merry-go round =)

*Purchased v-neck t-shirts to protect my dress shirts.

*Sewed a white fabric on a scarf for my Xmas cosplay, assisted by my Mom who cut correctly the fabric.

Fri Dec 19

*Finished errands with Appu joining me including purchasing fabric and shopping. We checked out IflySF, an indoor skydiving center.

*Hung out with our friends at night time. Some of us played Settlers Cities and Knights expansion set for the first time courtesy of Last Exlir.

*Ate at Texas Roadhouse restaurant with Appu. I might have eaten there a long time ago because I remember there was a time I ate peanuts and I threw out the shells on the floor.

*Tried Super H2O drink for the first time. More later. And tried a Beard Papa's ├ęclair.

Thur Dec 18

*Ate Spaghettios for the first time.

Wed Dec 17

*Helped Appu find studio to rent. Good experience looking for a place to live—moving out and being independent.

*Ate lunch with gmontem and Appu. Gmontem visits relatives outside the USA for the rest of 2008. We exchanged gifts.

Tues Dec 16

*Ironed a few dress shirts.

*Purchased Porcelain CD. Highly recommend CD for any music type fan XD XD

Mon Dec 15

*Cancelled Napster.

*Purchased red cashmere scarf on sale.

*Tried Hawaiian cookies for the first time. So good and so fattening.

Sun Dec 14

*Purchased my first stainless steel watch on sale, a Citizen Eco-Drive.

*Watched Transporter 2 movie with my family. We're Transporter movie fans.

Sat Dec 13

*Anime Events. Watched anime at NoName and celebrated the end of year party. Next, I attended Anime Palace's Xmas party. I cosplayed as Edward "Santa-san" Elric the entire day. Hung out with Chun, Spiritsnare, and Tsubasa afterwards.

*Tried 98% cocoa. Where's the milk?

Fri Dec 12

*Cleaned the house.

Thur Dec 11

*Worked out with neck pain. I ran on the treadmill and biked on the stationary bike only. I experienced neck pain since Tue.

Wed Dec 10

*Finished reading "The Choice" by Nicholas Sparks. Be patient finding your lifetime lover. He or she is out there. And hopefully you never make The Choice. My next book is "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy.

Tue Dec 9

*Changed oil. It was the fastest I ever changed oil since the time was 4:30pm and loosing sunlight.

Mon Dec 8

*Updated resume and cover letter.

Sun Dec 7

*Posted my 300th Innovating Common Knowledge blog.

*Ate Honey Bunches of Oates for the first time.

*Purchased crock-pop cookbook.

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