Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Positives Sun Dec 21-Tue Dec 23, 2008

*Recycled old computer hardware. Lots of free space.

*Visited California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco with my Dad, Uncle, and Aunt. We were lucky most of the day including finding a good parking space, getting tickets before the museum stopped selling, and getting tickets to the last 3D bugs show. The unlucky events were the planetarium tickets were sold out and the Bay Bridge experienced five accidents.

*Purchased the movie Cars on DVD. I didn't care for the movie at first. The second time I watched the movie, I want to get the movie.

*Tried Juroku Cha drink and Bourbon Chocolate Chip Cookies for the first time while helping Appu find a studio to rent for Spring Semester 2009 at San Jose State. The drink and food are Japanese. The drink was mostly brown rice and the cookies was light, as expected from Asian desserts.

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