Saturday, November 1, 2008

Positives Sun Oct 26-Fri Oct 31, 2008

*Reorganized my ties. Old ties to be donated and keep my good looking ties =)~

*Purchased five jazz music CDs online. The jazz music reminded me of going to some restaurants that played jazz. My first jazz CDs ;)

*Finished watching The Godfather trilogy. Must see movies! The movies are on my all-time favorite movies list.

*Purchased power supply unit for my new PC. I still have more hardware to purchase.

*Wore my light black jacket to work. Temperatures are cooling finally!

*Free day off Mon as my manager failed to renew my job status. No network access, no email, no internet, no voice mail, and no security access. Yet . . .

*. . . Another busy week at work. The busiest week in a while as my department is working on its quarterly reports. It’s good to be busy from a job security point of view =__= I don’t have to work on the weekends. Lucky!

*Took day off from gym Wed to rest and take it slowly to finish the rest of the busy week ^_^

*Went to get a haircut at my usual salon. As expected, the salon closed and I improvised by going to a Supercuts. No brainer here. It’s a simple example never think one sided *__*

*Halloween events. Wore my Chrono cosplay at work and attended the cosplay gathering at Winchester Mystery House.

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