Friday, January 30, 2009

Positives Wed Jan 21-Thur Jan 29, 2009

*Tried Trader Joe’s orange juice for the first time. Better than Minute Maid OJ ;D

*Watched Goodfellas movie. Good movie. Like a mini Godfather.

*Ate at Sushi 85 in Mountain View for a birthday dinner. My cousin’s restaurant Happy Sashimi is better =D

*Read “Who Moved My Cheese” by Spencer Johnson twice. An all-time favorite book.

*Shaved with an electric razor for the first time. I continue shaving with a razor. Love it.

*Personalized my cell phone voice mail message.

*Went back to the gym even though I have acute back problems. Walking on treadmill and light cycling on the stationary bike. Still recovering from being sick two weeks ago XD

*Played Crysis on my new PC. The game crashed my PC even on the lowest settings ~~

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