Monday, May 11, 2009

I Change My Daily Presentation Again

On Mon Oct 13, I posted a blog changing my daily presentation. I changed my anime black mail bag to a green backpack. On Sat Apr 9, I changed my green backpack to a blue hiking/day use backpack.

My new backpack is bigger and more comfortable. Much more comfortable. I have more options and pockets. I'm ready for more hiking and carrying big items. I transferred my items to my new backpack. I purchased it at REI's annual sale. BTW, REI kicks ass big time. The prices are expensive; however, save money by signing up at to receive coupons by email.

Like my green backpack, the blue backpack portrays me as an adventurer, a person's who likes to spend time outdoors, and visiting new places. It's time to go outside and do something, anything.

Side Note: I promise my next blog entry is the Positives.

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