Friday, December 19, 2008

Random Questions #1

Here are some random questions off the top of my head I ask myself. The first out of many more to come. Enjoy XD

What gas do I fill my car? Chevron. Union 76 is OK. Cheapy gas is cheapy gas.

What cars do I like to drive? Toyota Camry, Toyota Tundra . . . anything Toyota.

What are my dream cars? I like Audis and the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptors.

Democrat or Republican? I'm a registered Republican. I voted Republican in the 1994 California Governor, the 1994 US Congressman, and the 1994 San Jose Mayor races only.

Actress I want to date? Drew Berrymore.

Opinion: Couples, please avoid "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion for your song. The song is sad.

Big Mac or Whopper? Whopper.

Treadmill or Stationary Bike? Both.

Name something I'm currently improving? Eye contact with people I talk to.

Fact: I never drank an alcoholic beverage in my entire life.

Worst year in high school: Tie between sophomore and senior. I was depressed in my sophomore year and I was a loner in my senior year.

How tall do I want my sweetheart to be? Between 5' 5" and 5' 9". I'm 5' 8".

One mistake I didn't want: *thinks for ten minutes* I can't think of a mistake I never wanted to happen.

One mistake I avoided: Quit anime.

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Anonymous said...

Here are my answers.

I use Arco because, I have a gas card and it's cheap. All unleaded gas is the same.

I currently drive a VW New Beetle, but that may change soon. I have had the car for over 7 years.

My dream care would be a Mercedes S class or E class car and a 1960's Mustang Convertible.

Democrat since 2008, but usually always voted Democrat except for the many votes cast for Independent candidates.

I would want to date Nicole Kidman.

Opinion: Snow is nice to look at, but I hate driving in it and the post office should have cars that can be driven in the snow. What good is having a creed when you don't live up to it?

Big Mac or Whopper? Hard to decide. Currently, I say Big Mac. I crave one now.

I prefer Stationary Bike.

I am trying to meet women at parties instead of hanging out in the corner of the room.

Fact: I have never been "dumped" by women only turned down for dates.

Worst year in high school: Sophomore, my parents got divorced, and my friend's got into a fight that broke up their friendship forever.

How tall do I want my sweetheart to be? 5'6" to 6'0". Tall women are sexy. That's why models are tall.

One mistake I didn't want: Passed up some opportunities to date some women.

One mistake I avoided: Quit gaming with my friend's in California. I was talked into staying by someone making it clear that gaming in California every year is the tie that binds us all together.