Sunday, December 7, 2008

Positives Wed Dec 3-Sat Dec 6, 2008

*Watched Voices Of A Distance Star anime. Anime released in 2002. Best 30 minute movie I have ever seen. Must watch from casual to die hard otaku anime fans (^__^)

*Cooked first pan fry dinner from a cook book. Mistakes made. I'm eager to correct mistakes and cook new recipes.

*Increased the pounds lifted working out at the gym.

*LastExlir offered me a job (^^) I declined.

*Ate baked toast for the first time. Yummy!! Ate astronaut ice cream. Very fattening :O

*Spent day with Appu and gmontem eating baked goods from a real bakery at The Buttery; shopped for books at Barnes & Noble; checked out crock-pots, stainless steel watches, and books at Costco; purchased Intel Q9300 and mini tripod at Micro Center; and purchased polysynthetic silver thermal compound for CPU at Fry's. If you're going to Costco, eat lunch or dinner there because it's cheap $-)

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Unknown said...

Man, that's a pretty crazy-long post. There's a lot of good knowledge here, though!

I'd like to say, I disagree with "It's the second year that counts" - because the third year can count, too!

My freshman year of college suffered from that sort of blind, happy-go-lucky attitude that you talk about. But my second year of college was a pretty big let-down. It took a while to recover from the collapse of the falsely-positive attitude of freshman year, to develop real friends, and so forth.

The first year was too good to be true; but the second year was too bad to last. For me, the third year counted.