Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Top Mistakes Part 4

I started an occasional blog sharing my top life mistakes. Here is a brief review from parts 1-3:

Mistake 1: I didn’t meet new people and make new friends continuously.
Mistake 2: I took life for granted.
Mistake 3: I didn’t follow a workout plan at the gym.
Mistake 4: I avoided reading fiction books.
Mistake 5: I complained and nag at everything in life.
Mistake 6: I acted like a child.
Mistake 7: Trivia is trivial in my life. Who cares.
Mistake 8: I didn’t want to expand my horizons in life.
Mistake 9: Food is food. Food doesn’t make a difference in life.

Here are the next mistakes I corrected:

Mistake 10a: I Stay Quiet Because I’m Wrong

I was afraid talking and communicating with people because I was afraid to be wrong throughout my childhood, high school, college, and part of my adult life. I was afraid to say something wrong because I didn’t want to be embarrassed, be laughed at, and I didn’t want others thinking I was an idiot. I believe that’s why most people thought I was a quiet person. I really wasn’t a quiet person. I like to talk to people. I’m actually a loud person—I must talk softer because I tend to be a loud talker. I didn’t talk to prevent saying something stupid.

The lesson I learned is have courage to make mistakes and say something wrong. How am I going to be correct if I don’t say something wrong and somebody corrects me or I ask questions? Nobody is going to say I’m stupid. We learn by doing and making mistakes.

Another benefit is I continue to improve my conversation and social skills. I’m catching up on these skills I should have mastered when I was in college.

Mistake10b: My Abstract Thinking Is Stupid

I believe my abstract thinking was the reason I was a quiet person throughout most of my life. I said something different and people said I’m wrong. Some of them didn’t want to listen to me and some of them were not convinced with what I said. I was afraid and nervous I didn’t speak clearly and I didn’t speak in a way for the listeners to understand.

The lesson I learned is speak up. Share what you’re thinking. Speak your opinions. Talk what you know. Communicate your moments. Don’t be afraid and nervous. Smile to show sincerity in your communication. Trust your abstract thinking and abstract mind. That’s why you majored in Economics.

Mistake 11: I’m A Nice Guy

Too polite. Apologizes too many times and even unnecessarily. Being passive when it comes to making choices. Letting the other person have his or her way. Sometimes not speaking up to avoid conflicts. Being boring. These are the top characteristics of a nice guy. I used to be that person. Not anymore.

The lesson I learned is be a good guy. Don’t be a nice guy. A good guy has courage. A good guy seeks new adventures, experience new experiences, attracts people or a there he is person, and learns from his mistakes. He sincerely apologizes. He likes action—his actions speak for himself. He speaks his mind. If the situation dedicates, he makes the choice as if he’s a leader. A good guy is dependable.

Mistake 12: My Life Is Set

I corrected this mistake before I realized I must grow up on Sat Oct 4, 2008. I believed in fate throughout my high school and college years. I believed my life was set. I was going to be this person doing this, being that, living here, and working there without question.

The lesson I learned is there is no such thing as fate. I believe my life is what I want to do, who I want to be with, where I want to be, and I choose how I accomplish all of these. I always question why I do all these. I make adjustments to correct my mistakes and to improve and to innovate my life. Life doesn’t choose my life. I choose what I do in my life.

Always Innovating and Changing Innovating Common Knowledge

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