Thursday, July 16, 2009

Positives Thur July 9-Wed July 15, 2009

*Finished watching the anime series "Strawberry Marshmallow" and "K-On." For Strawberry, kids should live their lives just like the character in the series. For K-On, the character Mio is awesome because she's left handed.

*Finished rereading "Seinlanguage" by Jerry Seinfeld. The book was not funny as I read it the second time. My brother and sister gave me the book for Xmas a long time ago.

*Ate Costco chicken gyoza for the first time. Need more experience using the frying pan ^^

*Mini family get together. One of my uncle's family and my brother's family visited for the weekend. I hung out with my two cousins. We played Settlers of Catan and Betrayal At The House On The Hill. We played Mario Kart and Smash Bros on Gamecube. We watched "The Dark Knight." And we played Fluxx. We had epic games as we all tried to win by "All You Need Is Love." Everyone caught up on the latest and one of my cousins did magic card tricks.

*Went back to the gym since middle June. I have been sick and fatigued from Anime Expo. I did a light workout. I'm eager to get well soon to continue my weight training =)

*Good news. I'm almost guaranteed my braces are removed on my next ortho appointment on Mon Aug 17. I have my list of food I eat after my braces are removed :{}

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