Friday, November 6, 2009

Update The Introduction To Say You're Human?

Yes. I'm like the person next to me, you the reader, and everyone's cute faces I see daily.

I'm Raymond Mar. I'm a human being growing up and I'm tired of acting tough 24/7. I have strengths, weaknesses, and problems. I live to battle my weaknesses and solve my problems to become stronger. I'm lonely. Like millions of other people, I don't know what to do. There are new adventures, new skills, and new people to meet and to encounter. I continue to loosen up, be positive, be kind, and be optimistic. Never take anything and anyone for granted.

Here is the old one:

I'm Raymond Mar. I'm unemployed, live with my parents. I'm still growing up. I'm lucky I realize I need to and I am! Everyone has problems. I'm lucky my problems are really not that bad. I still seek new adventures, learn new skills, and meet new people and make new friends. I'm one of millions of people who don't know what to do. You're not alone. I have a positive and optimistic attitude. I'm loosening up. Never take anything and anyone for granted.

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