Saturday, November 24, 2018

My Life Is Like Norma Rae

I thought about my life today. My life is like the characters from the movie Norma Rae (1979). The movie is based on the true story of Norma Rae unionizing the textile mill she worked. The lead actress Sally Field won an Academy Award for Best Actress. The movie is also about blue collar workers living life with no purpose. They live life just breathing doing mostly mindless activities. Almost all of them have poor intelligence, weak motivation, and dull lifestyles. Almost all of them cherish quick leisure to forget their almost depressing life.

My 2018 Thanksgiving holiday is similar to Norma Rae. I have no stories to share. I have boring stories to share if anyone is interested. I have routine stories to share if anyone is interested. I have no purpose on Earth. I have no people to help live better lives. I have no people to help me live a better life. Everything I have been doing are mindless including Black Friday shopping for which 50% of my purchases are bare necessities, dinner with family for which most of the conversations lack intelligence or how the conversation is poor, and nothing new. The brief exception is teaching Hong Kong Mahjong for two hours. I'm tired living the same routine dull life since 2015.

Maybe I feel better when the Thanksgiving holiday is over. On the other hand, maybe I feel the same Norma Rae. My weekdays are job searching, cooking, working out at the gym, learning new job skills, reviewing existing job skills, reading books, and sleeping eight hours a night. I consider myself good intelligence, good motivation, and doing my best to keep my lifestyle active. It's difficult working hard for a fresh life without a job, a small circle of friends, bad luck, bad timing, too many distractions, and few opportunities.

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