Sunday, October 21, 2018

I Was Good I Wasn't Great

I'm backing up my past Innovating Common Knowledgeblogs between Aug 2005 and Mar 2011. I realized scanning the early blogs I was a good person. I was an average good person. I wasn't great. I was the person who's likely you--the reader. I was the person who's waiting at the checkout line in a retail store. I was the person who's riding a public transit. I was the person working in a white collar job cubicle completing responsibilities.

Why did I not raise from average good to average great? I added the word "average" because highly likely we are the same. Almost all of us are average. Let's be honest. If we're great or if we're excellent, then we see our names in the newspapers. The answer to the question is I didn't get better. I didn't innovate infinitely. Today I'm innovating infinitely. I'm learning new job skills. I'm expanding my interests. I'm going back to 2008 months after I realized I must grow up on Sat Oct 4, 2008. There were rewards in 2009 when I became good. Unfortunately, there are no rewards currently. Not yet. The rewards are coming. I trust life helps me. I trust life rewards me soon.

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