Friday, March 1, 2013

Night or Day?

Here are some activities I prefer either night or day:

Drive: Night. I like long drives during the night time.

Exercise: Night. There are less people and cooler inside the gym.

Study: Night. I focus and concentrate better when I was a college student.

Read: Night. Likewise just like I study.

Blogging: Night. Likewise just like I study.

Breakfast: Night. I eat breakfast in the morning or in the evening. Breakfast tastes better as the day goes by.

Video games: Night. I need to mellow down from a hard day.

Friends: Day or night. It depends on the activity.

As a person: Night. I'm a night person, except when going to work.

Work: Afternoon. If I had a choice, I prefer to work in the late morning and go home in the early evening.

What are my daytime activities? Job search, cooking, and household chorus for the time being.

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