Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Positives Mon Feb 13-Mon Mar 12, 2012

*Cooked with Garlic Herb & Seasoning and Yoshida’s for the first time.

*Happy Valentine’s Day.

*Ate at Black Bear Diner for the first time.

*Finished my new Access expense database using SQL.

*Purchased a new belt clip for my phone.

*Created a new cribbage cheat sheet.

*Ate Planter’s Trail Mix, Nongshim Udon, Belvita, and pink lady apples for the first time.

*Watched Princess & The Frog movie.

*Toyota recall. My crankshaft pulley was repaired.

*Uploaded files to Google Docs for the first time.

*Played Cosmic Encounter and Forbidden Island board games for the first time.

*Watched Cheap Life and James Becker: Not Dead Yet movies at Cinequest. It was the first time I went to Cinequest.

*Attended the Nor Cal Cosplay Spring Gathering in Kelly Park.

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