Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Lost Feeling

I experienced what was like losing someone yesterday at dance class. The attendance was around 60% of full size. There were quite a few students absent. We trade partners to make sure everyone has a chance to dance and to learn faster. Switching dance partners is an effective way to learn because we dance with different partners with different skills and experiences.

Some of the students have favorite partners they dance with including husbands and wives and boyfriends and girlfriends. I have favorite partners we dance together. Unfortunately, they were absent. Obviously, this is very small potatoes I forget tomorrow. However, I experienced the lost feeling—the feeling of physical, mental, and emotional attachment; in particular, during a dance between two people. I was one step closer to fully understand the experience of losing someone special. I lost the touch, the closeness, the knowledge of dancing technique (I forgot dancing because I have the lost feeling), the happiness and joy being with her. The lost feeling I experienced brought me one step closing to being more human.

Lost is part of life. We loose a family member to death. A friendship ends on worse terms. Boyfriends and girlfriends break up. Sometimes lost is on good terms such as a business partnership ending and they split the assets equally or a neighbor moving away permanently for a new job. Losing someone is like part of me disappeared. How can I continue life without him or her? It sucks losing someone. It’s going to happen.

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