Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What Is Your Uniqueness?

My uniqueness is lots of little things:

*Anime: Cosplay, cosplay photographer, Weiss Schwartz card game, host a panel, organized a cosplay gathering, watch videos, read manga.

*New Hobbies: Hiking, ballroom dancing, Japanese Mahjong, listening to classic jazz, reading fiction books.

*Me Online: Two blogs, personal webpage, Facebook, Twitter, AIM.

*Personality: Good conversationalist, kind, gentleman, action speaks louder than words, calm, positive, optimistic, observant, good guy.

*Long Time Hobbies: Working out at the gym, reading books, playing video games (not much, but still), cooking, playing board games.

*Looking Forward To: Learn more ballroom dancing, cosplay #7, catch up on anime, skydive, eat new foods, make new friends, visit new places to hike, watch a ballgame, grow up,. . . look forward to many more as I find new ideas.

We all change. Our uniqueness can change for the better. Always find new and better uniqueness infinitely. I always seek bigger and better uniqueness.

I Continue To Innovate Innovating Common Knowledge

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