Friday, April 24, 2009

What Is The Real Reason You Dropped Japanese I?

It's true the instructor went too fast. I say 20% of the class dropped out during the second week. And my friends advised me to drop out after they looked at the syllabus.

The absolute reason I dropped is no freedom. I want to learn JP on my pace and on my time. I choose when to study and what to learn for the day. I'm a slow learner; however, when I learn it, I master it. Learning Hiragana and Katakana in a few weeks is doable. Unfortunately, not for me. I learn my way.

Could The Lack Of Freedom Explain Why Your Jobs Were Boring?

Good question. My job and responsibilities at Grubb & Ellis, Colliers International, and Cisco were overall boring. I didn't have control over my career. I mastered the job in months. Cisco took almost a year. Thereafter, there was nothing more for me to do. I browsed the web and watched YouTube videos for days at Cisco, especially when new management started in my department. I had no work practically for weeks.

I had no freedom to venture out for additional responsibilities and learn new skills working at the three companies. Everyone knew I'm good and they wanted to keep their jobs and responsibilities. They didn't want me to do their jobs or at least help them out.

Was The Class Stimulating?

Well, there was student interaction where the instructor required all the students to ask questions and to answer in Japanese. Hmmm . . . my answer is no. I just couldn't get into the class. Likewise for my jobs. It's like I go to work and then . . . so what. What's next?

What Are You Going To Do For The Rest Of Spring'09?

I continue to take Strength Development and Social Dance I Part B. I learn Japanese on my own and at my pace continuing through the summer. I purchase additional learning material at Kinokuniya, a Japanese bookstore. I reviewed vocabulary and practiced learning A-O, KA-KU, and GA-GU hiragana yesterday. I must spell out the vocabulary in Romanji.

Are You Going To Take Beginning Japanese in Fall'09?

Of course.

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Rome said...

Good post. I think you were right to drop the class. That's kind of similar to the reason I took only one semester of Japanese here at college. I want to - and felt that I could - learn it on my own, without making it a requirement that would interfere with the rest of my college time.