Thursday, October 2, 2008

Clarifying A Couple Of Misunderstandings

Two questions for the blog entry regarding people misunderstanding me.

Man, you're angry and talking loud. It's scary :O What are you pissed off at? It's no big deal. I know it's not a big deal. I'm not really pissed off. Really, I'm not. I'm speaking the truth.

The misunderstanding is I raise my voice unnecessarily. I tend to raise my voice even when I'm ticked off at the littlest stuff. I'm really not pissed off. I know it's not going to matter one year from now. It's a family attribute passed on to me portraying me raising my voice pissed off which I'm really not pissed off. Thanks, Dad =P Yeah, many people misinterpret me as a psycho person who gets pissed off at anything. I'm an easy going guy who forgives and forgets the big stuff and the small stuff.

My face shows my anger easily and straightforward. In 99.9% of the situations, inside me, my heart is not pounding and my stress level is not going up. Trust me. It's my face portraying the wrong anger, the wrong frustrations for most big problems which are really small and forgettable hours later or the next day.

To prevent the misunderstanding in terms of any negative feeling including anger, frustration, and betrayal, I keep my voice calm and cool. I maintain a calm speak tone, except when I'm happy of course ^__^ Be calm. Be calm, act calm, think calm. And remember to breath :O

Are you a quiet person? In a few situations, yes, I'm a quiet person, such as when I'm with a group of people I never met before and in a meeting. The two situations I mention I'm quiet because I observe the whos, the whats, the wheres, the whys, and the hows within a group of people. It's who I am. I acquire the information I'm witnessing in the social or professional situation. I behave, speak, and think appropriately after I receive information.

I'm not a quiet person. Sometimes I'm a loud person who talks too loud, LOL. My loudness is another topic *hee, hee* And my uncontrollable laughter =] I'm working on beating my scary or wimpy attitude and becoming more proactive and taking the initiative. I'm creating action truly and I'm not just saying to create action. I'm consciously finding ways to act anywhere and anytime. And I'm not shy!!!

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