Sunday, October 6, 2019

Positives Sun Sep 8-Sat Oct 5, 2019

*Watched Time Out or L'Emploi Du Temps (2001), Hard Boiled, High Noon (1952), For A Few Dollars More, The Shawshank Redemption, and Day Of Anger (1967).

*Changed my car's transmission fluid.

*Cleaned and mopped all except downstairs.

*Restored 2.5 inch HDD from my HP Compaq 8510p laptop.

*Finished reading Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling.

*Repaired house left side fence broken parts.

*Ate at Bear Bitez for the first time.

*Drank Alameda Point Craft Soda for the first time.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Positives Tue Aug 13-Sat Sep 7, 2019

*Finished reading Night Watch by Terry Pratchett and The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams.

*Watched Road House, The Deer Hunter, The Sting, and A Fistful Of Dollars.

*Ate Magnum ice cream, Belvita Cranberry Orange, and Quest Chocolate Chip Protein cookie for the first time.

*Purchased an emergency blanket from SQL.

*Ate at Which Wich, Rock 'n Rob's Famous Pacifica Burgers, and Angie's Pizza restaurants for the first time.

*Hiked Montara Mountain trail and San Pedro Valley Park in Pacifica, CA for the first time.

*Cleaned and mopped the downstairs.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Positives Fri Jun 27-Mon Aug 12, 2019

*Finished reading The Cay by Theodore Taylor, Moving Pictures by Terry Pratchett, Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng, and Night Watch by Pratchett.

*Ate at Darda Seafood Restaurant, Chicken Wow, and Kiraku Japanese Tapas restaurants for the first time.

*Watched Shallow Grave; Donnie Darko; The Good, The Bad & The Ugly; Escape To Witch Mountain; The Way We Were; Anchorman, The Legend Of Ron Burgundy; and V For Vendetta movies.

*Cleaned the house.

*Ate 12 Oats Bread and Tillamook Country Smoker Beef Jerky for the first time.

*Showered with Oil Of Olay Fresh Outlast body wash for the first time.

*Purchased an Oakland A's baseball cap because . . .

*. . . I watched an Oakland A's vs. St. Louis Cardinals baseball game.

*I have a new dentist.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Does Everything Happen For A Reason?

Blogger's note: Today's blog is posted at Innovating Common Knowledge and at Finding Raymond Mar.

A common life statement is, "everything happens for a reason." I question does everything happen for a reason. I have been unemployed since May 2015. Companies submit my application for permanent or contract positions. I had interviews. No offers.

Why am I unemployed? Is there a reason? I may find the reason after I begin working. I may find the reason after I achieve mature adult freedom. Why "may?" I may die tomorrow. I may never find a job. Its life. I may lack intelligence to find the answer. I may find the answer with dumb luck.

On the other hand, if my present life is my future life, then I rather close my eyes, stop breathing, and be somewhere else. There is no point living as a loser. There are no rewards being a loser. Life is unfair.

The People Are Lucky

I can give up life easily. How? I watch TV and play video games. I work at a dead-end retail job. Maybe I work as a manager for the extra money. Nobody cares in retail. I weigh at least 200 pounds eating too much processed foods. I avoid exercise. My clothes are tattered because I spend more money on sci-fi goods and less money on quality clothes. I have body odor because I exchange time taking care of my body for time playing more video games. People are lucky I avoid the loser life.


My intuition tells me the people of the world believes I’m still the Raymond Mar between Oct 2008 and Sep 2014. I retired from anime in Sep 2014. No more anime conventions. No more wearing costumes. No more video games; however, I play a video game app on occasion. Watching television is minimized. No more Family Guy. Gym workouts are consisted. Eating processed foods and eating at restaurants are minimized. The world believes I'm the opposite of these.

I said good-bye to people holding me back. I learn new hiking and backpacking knowledge. My writing skills are improved. My reading speed is faster. I'm gaining strength. Intelligence is expanding. Wisdom is acquired daily. I'm one step closer to become a genius. I'm hungry for new adventures and new experiences.

There are different kinds of loneliness. My loneliness is misunderstanding. I have zero confidence people accept my corrections. I have zero confidence people want to understand. I don't trust the people with my feelings. The people are weak, unwise, and ignorant to hear me. The people reject the present Raymond Mar. They don't listen. Their minds are closed. They can't handle my truth.

I Do My Best

I motivate myself. Boredom is a life killer. I job search five days a week applying to contract positions and full time positions I qualify at least 50% of the requirements. I learn new job skills such as Python. I review existing job skills such as Excel and SQL. I learn JavaScript and CSS which I applied on my webpage Innovate Infinitely. I complete my responsibilities maintaining my household including cooking, cleaning, and washing clothes.

I'm doing my best. I really am. Honestly. Nothing is working out today. I'm not doing enough. Maybe something works out tomorrow. Maybe I find strong, wise, and smart people who handle my truth. Time is the ultimate judge. The future answers the question what I'm doing now is correct.

Update On A Past Blog

There are more reasons why people are quiet from Another Perspective On Quiet People on Feb 20, 2019. People have nothing to contribute. They are being a good listener. They are polite. They may be learning something new. Moreover, other people shouldn't take it personally people are quiet. We're currently nothing. We're currently nobodies. If the conversation is something we contribute, then maybe we speak. The quietness is small stuff. Let the quietness pass.

I repeat the quote from Plato, "Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools talk because they have to say something."

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Going Up Or Getting Better Am I?

I question my life. I'm getting smarter learning new job skills, reading books, and writing blogs. My health is good working out at the gym four days a week. I haven't been sick in 2019. I minimized eating processed foods. I rarely watch TV. I watch one or two movies a week. I sleep eight hours a night.

On the other hand, I'm unemployed long-term. My social skills are regressing. My relationships are diverging. It's the natural growing apart from my family and my friends.

Is my life getting better or getting worse? Is my life going up or going down? Honestly speaking, I'm one step closer to become a genius.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Positives Sat Jun 8-Thur Jun 26, 2019

*Cleaned the house.

*Watched Four Weddings And A Funeral, Midway (1976), Gran Torino, and Jackie Brown movies.

*Played Mahjong Soul for the first time.

*Finished reading Guards! Guards! By Terry Pratchett and The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Positives Sat May 18-Fri Jun 7, 2019

*Watched The Professional, To Catch A Thief, and We Were Soldiers movies.

*Finished reading The Color Of Money by Terry Pratchett.

*Replaced defective cell phone 64GB microSD card with a 128GB microSD card.

*Helped a family friend completed home improvements.

*Cleaned the ceiling fan with a ceiling fan brush for the first time.

*Ate at Super Duper Burger for the first time.