Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Top Mistakes Part 1

I thought of the Top Mistakes blog on the first week of October. I wrote down a list of mistakes I corrected here and there thinking about the list in the back of my mind. Next, I choose the top ten mistakes. I changed the number of mistakes from ten to all. All of my mistakes were worthy to share. Finally, I chose to separate the Top Mistakes into separate blogs. Here is the first blog entry of my mistakes in no particular order:

Mistake 1: Living Life With Nobody

I lived life most of the time alone. I had few friends. My family has been the people I interact. I read and hear about successful people daily such as from the entertainment, sports, politics, and business worlds. One commonality is they succeeded with people. They didn’t reach their highest potential alone.

The lesson I learned is always meet new people and make new friends. Friends come and go in our lives. People come and go in our lives. Interacting and being with people influences who and what you are. We are humans. We must have people in our lives, at least for the bare minimum to live.

Mistake 2: Take Life For Granted

I took life for granted for 34 years. I lived life saying to myself, “Life treats me good. I deserve a good life because I’m me. I’m Raymond Mar. I’m good at everything and I must be treated with respect. Nothing bad ever happens in my life because I’m Raymond Mar. I’m an all-star.” That’s the wrong way to life my life.

The lesson I learned is never take life for granted. Earn it. Life doesn’t come to me in a silver platter. Live life. Learn from my mistakes and never repeat my mistakes. Don’t sit around and hope the good life comes to me. Take action to have a better life. Work smarter. Practice smarter.

Mistake 3: My Workout Schedule

My old workout was incorrect. I took my life for granted saying my workout was the best for a person who wanted to workout for good health. One mistake was I completed one set only for all my workouts.

I want to thank Punkbuster for introducing me to Bodybuilding.com. I downloaded beginning workout plans from their website on Sept. 2008. My workouts significantly improved; for example, I separate my weight lifting and cardio into separate days instead of doing both in one day. My cardio consists of treadmill and stationary bike.

The lesson I learned is workout is important in a person’s life. I must improve my workout consistently including new workout plans and eating as healthy as possible.

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