Monday, March 23, 2009

What Are You Missing In Your Life?

I want to find people, meet people, and make new friends who are similar to me. My new friends are close in age (I know I'm breaking the age is not a factor rule), hobbies, beliefs such as politics, and their way of living life daily.

I want to create new circle of friends. My circle of friends, who are awesome to hang out, have more circle of friends. I hear stories and moments from my circle of friends who hang out with their other friends doing other activities. I'm happy to hear those stories, and one day I have additional circle of friends. They believe in never stop meeting new people and making new friends. Nobody can have too many friends.

My new circle of friends has overlapping hobbies, emotions, intelligence, financial, behavior, and physical attributes. I'm grateful to find new friends having similar feelings. My best feeling is I'm growing up. (I started growing up in Oct 2008.) I'm unemployed, lost, and don't know what to do with my life. I'm going back to college. I don't know my second major.

What are some examples of the overlapping hobbies, emotions, intelligence, etc.?

For hobbies, anime, classic jazz, ballroom dancing, working out at the gym. For emotions, always have a positive attitude and staying calm. For intelligence, a college degree is a plus; however, intelligence is a lower priority. For behavior, not being a creep and not acting weird. For physical attributes, nobody obese or having a huge girth. I'm flexible. My number one attribute for my new circle of friends is don't be a creep and don't be weird. One of my friends can be 45 years old, married, drives a motorcycle, basket weaves, collects spoons, and makes me laugh and I consider him or her my friend ^__^

What are your ideal new circle of friends?

I name the two criteria for my ideal new circle of friends bonuses. The first bonus is their current living situation. They are unemployed, lost, and don't know what to do. They want something new. For me, my something new are going to a concert, visiting new places, and skydiving indoors. The second bonus is one of them in my new circle of friends is my best, best friend. The last time I had a best, best friend was in eighth grade.

Am I being picky?

Yeah, I'm being picky; however, I want to stress I'm flexible and as along as my new friends are not a creep and not weird, I'm ready to contact them for a get-together.

When are you going to start creating new circle of friends?

I started on Oct 4, 2008. I'm still finding them.

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