Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Misses, Undeserving, Overvalue, Undervalue, Overrated, Upsets Part 2

I want to think about my opportunities and moments I missed, didn’t deserve, awarded for the wrong reasons, or never given the opportunity. I wonder my life could have and should have been different if some of these events happened to me in my past. My timeline could have gone a different direction. There is a high probability I’m a better person. I become stronger, smarter, and realized I must grow up at an earlier age.

Part 2 is my years at San Jose State University (SJSU). Part 1 was my high school years (Misses, Undeserving, Overvalue, Undervalue, Overrated, Upsets Part 1). The two moments happened in the Fall Semester 1993.

Computer Science 46A. I was a math major starting my second year at SJSU. Math majors were required to take one semester of computer science. The timing was bad because C++ was the new programming language for the department and my professor taught C++ for the first time. If I took CS 46A in 1992, then I learned PASCAL which was easier.

I struggled with C++. My homework grades kept me from failing. I sought help from the professor during his office hours. The professor was one of the best programmers in the department. I told him I was struggling and I was a math major who just needed to pass one computer science class. I wasn't ready for the final. He assured me everything was going to be okay. He said there could be magic on the day of the final.

I studied hard. The final was difficult. My intuition answered most of the questions. A few classmates gave me tips for the final. One of them said my perfect attendance was an advantage determining my final grade because it showed I cared about my classwork. My final grade was a C-.

The professor should have failed me. I didn't deserve a C-. The false lesson I learned was I took my classes for granted. More importantly, I took life for granted. I should have retaken the class and earned what I truly deserved. Furthermore, the fake lesson cost me As and Bs in other classes.

English 1B. On the other hand, I should have passed English 1B. There were students who had worse writing skills than me. Maybe it was bad luck and bad timing I was the worst of the worst in my section. The professor gave me bad writing skills advice when I visited her office hours.

SJSU's grading policy on English 1A and 1B classes was A, B, C or no pass. Students couldn't fail the class. I took my English 1B at a junior college. I transferred the credits to SJSU. It was a waste of my time and money retaking English 1B.

The professor who taught me how to write was my Economics professor who taught the Economics Writing Workshop major requirement. I learned most of my writing style from the workshop. I forgot everything I learned in my English classes. I admit I'm not the perfect writer in the world. My writing skills are solid I can get a job and I communicate clearly.

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